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Vote for your sacred Singaporean Structures and Sites

The Straits Times is running an online poll of the top 3 structures and sites that projects or gives a sense of belonging to Singapore residents and help tell the Singapore story. 45 sites were identified by a panel of heritage experts and enthusiast. However, participants are welcomed to recommend other sites that may not be in the list. The Straits Time poll list some of the structures or sites which include popular favourites such as the Botanic Gardens, Kampong Lorong Buangkok, Pulau Ubin and more. I am glad to note that Bukit Brown, Jalan Kubor Cemetery, Keramat Bukit Kasita and Seah Eu Chin's tomb in Grave Hill were also mentioned.

Whichever is your choices, i do hope you can also vote for Bukit Brown which is in serious threat of total destruction despite its intrinsic heritage and habitat value. So do vote today!

Sacred Singaporean Places
Ranking them to only top 3 will be very difficult and when it came to me, it was very difficult ! I have visited and blogged about some of this sacred sites including of course; Bukit Brown, Pulau UbinChangi Village and Kampong Lorong Buangkok and visited and wrote intensively about Ubin and Bukit Brown as not only a heritage site but one with rich flora and fauna as well.

Bukit Brown: a sacred place and resting place of Singapore Pioneers 

Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin
Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Changi Village Colonial Barracks

Sacred Singaporean Structures
Such structures are to me equally as subjective. What came to my mind were the clusters of pre-war houses in Emerald Hill, Joo Chiat and many other sites. It is impossible to name them all. The recent conservation of Tanjong Pagar Railway Stations are symbols of a period where Singapore and Malaysia were united and shared a common transportation heritage. 

Whichever building that hold's dear to you, i wish you all the best !

The train at Bukit Timah

Tanjong Pagar Station 

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