Cheang Jim Hean (Bukit Brown)

Cheang Jim Hean (1873-1901) is the eldest son of Mr. Cheang Hong Lim and his residence was at No 99 River Valley Road also known as Annan Bank. He had owned numerous property and also rented out property and equipment such as a rice mill.
Khoo Ek Neo and Cheang Jim Hean

Khoo Ek Neo and Cheang Jim Hean
1886 advertisment 
Cheang Jim Hean Free School
Cheang Jim Hean and his father, Cheang Hong Lim founded this bilingual school in the 1892 in Havelock Road. Cheang Jim Hean manage the school which he contributed  $1200-2000 every year to its operation. On November 7, 1900 during an annual inspection, the inspectors concluded that after the school standards of teaching was good after examining performance of 97 boys. Unfortunately the school was closed suddenly after the death of Cheang Jim Hean in 1901 with at least 216 students affected.
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Cheang Jim Hean Street 
There was a street named Cheang Jim Hean Street which was renamed to Calcutta Road on January 1, 1915.

Cheang Jim Hean passed away on April 1, 1901 at the age of 28 after a short illness at his residence, No 99 River Valley Road alias Annan Road. He was buried in the family private cemetery in Alexandra Road before being re-interred to Bukit Brown in 1961 together with his father, Cheang Hong Lim.

Wife: Madam Lim / 林智慧
From Raymond Goh's research, i found out the first wife of Cheang Jim Hean was a Madam Lim who passed away in 1895. She is the mother of Cheang Kok Boe / Cheang Kah Boe
Madam Lim (peg 2718) 
Wife: Madam Khoo Ek Neo 
Mrs Cheang Jim Hean nee Khoo Ek Neo passed away on October 16, 1961 at the age of 87 and is buried in Bukit Brown.
They are survived by their daughter: Cheang Tew Muey,
Grandsons: Loh Cheng Chye, Loh Cheng Ban, Loh Cheng Ann.
Grand daughters: Loh Cheng Kim, Loh Cheng Hor
Mr and Mrs Cheang Jim Hean in Bukit Brown
Attempted grave robbery
A month after Cheang Jim Hean's death, there was an attempted grave robbery attempt at his tomb in Alexandra. The grave robbers manage to dig about two feet deep before being discovered.

Son: Cheang Kok Boe / Cheang Kah Boe 章甲懋
Cheang Kok Boe was mentioned in an court case in 1907, whereby her stepmother, Madam Khoo Ek Neo petitioned for extra allowance for the boy who just reach 12 years of age. The article went on to highlight that Cheang Kok Boe passed away on February 1907.
Cheang Kok Boe (peg 2719) 章甲懋
Daughter: Miss Cheang Tew Muey (Muriel) nee Mrs H.H. Loh
Miss Cheang Tew Muey (Muriel), only daughter of the late Mr Cheang Jim Hean and Mrs Cheang Jim Hean (nee Khoo Ek Neo) engaged with Mr. Loh Hean Heng (H.H. Loh ). The marriage took place in 32-1 Pasir Panjang on  October 9, 1922.
Madam Cheang Tew Muey with her new car 1931
Madam Cheang Tew Muey 
Mrs. H.H. Loh was a socialite that helped contribute to the China Relief Fund. She helped organised a successful dance at the Aldephi Hotel in aid of the China Relief Fund.

Mr H.H. Loh passed away after a long illness in his residence, Lions Gate, Pasir Panjang on September 1929. He was one time a prominent member of the Singapore Turf Club and owner of several well known horses. He leaves behind 1 widow, 6 sons and 3 daughters. He was buried in Bidadari.

Madam Cheang Tew Muey passed away on October 21, 1987 at the age of 89. She is survived by 3 sons: Albert, Francis, Andre and 2 daughters: Catherine, Honey.
Madam Cheang Tew Muey 

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