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Chia Thian Hock and family (Bukit Brown)

The beautiful large ceramic picture of a tomb in Hill 3 Division B, Plot 170 caught my eye. After some cleaning up, it was the tomb of Mrs Chia Thian Hock ( Chia Thiam Hock),born on February 5, 1888 and died on September 5, 1930 at the age of 42.
Mrs Chia Thian Hock nee Madam Lee Siew Hiok
The obituary confirmed with what is inscribed in the tomb, that Mrs Chia Thian Hock nee Lee Siew Hiok passed away at the age of 43  at her residence in No. 69 Cuppage Road on Friday, 5th September 1930. She is survived by 8 sons: Chia Poh Eng, Chia Poh Chiang, Chia Poh Koon, Chia Poh Leng, Chia Poh Yian, Chia Poh Yong, Chia Poh Chuan, Chia Poh Chye, 5 daughters: Chia Siew Gim, Chia Siew Kim, Chia Siew Wan,  Chia Siew Hong, Chia Sia Kim and 1 daughter-in-law. There was an acknowledgement by Mr. Chia Thian Hock thanking those who attended the wake at his residence in No. 69 Cuppage Road.

Mrs Chia Thian Hock
Chia Thian Hock (Chia Thiam Hock) of chop Hiap Thye Chiang is a property owner and one of the directors in The Asia Insurance Co. Ltd ( a company listed in the Straits Settlement). He is an Honorary Vice President of the Hoi Thian Amateur Dramatic Association which many prominent Chinese businessman also are members including Tan Kah Kee, Lady Shaw, Eu Tong Seng, Liau Chia Heng (Leow Chia Heng), Lim Nee Soon and many others.

Child Welfare Society, Nan Hua School Fund, Singapore Jubilee Fund,

Son: Chia Poh Chiang
Chia Poh Chiang married Miss Lee Neo Chia in March 28, 1937 at the Chinese Consulate. Chia Poh Chiang was the Director and Manager of the Thye Hong Biscuit and Confectionery Factory, Ltd in Alexandra Road. The Chairman and Managing Director of Thye Hong Biscuit during that time was Mr. Lee Gee Chong.

Chia Poh Chiang passed away at the age of 79 on November 20th, 1993 while his wife Madam Lee Nee Cheow passed away on March 10 1982 at the age of 68.  They are survived by 3 daughters, Dr Irene Chia, Helen Chia and Serene Chia and many grandsons and grand daughters. 

Son: Chia Poh Koon
In September 1937, there was an announcement of a union of two wealthy families, Chia Poh Koon (son of Chia Thiam Hock, proprietor of Chop Hiap Thai Chiang and Mrs Chia Thiam Hock) with Miss Lim Siew Khim (daughter of Mr. Lim Peng Siang, proprietor of Ho Hong Co. and Mrs Lim Peng Siang. Chia Poh Yong was the Best Man.

Mrs Joseph Chia Poh Koon nee Elizabeth Lim Siew Khim passed away on February 16, 1970. She was survived by her husband, son Peter Chia, daughters Patricia Bee Nah and Winnie.  Chia Poh Koon passed away at the age of 71 on January 6, 1986.

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