Woon Hong Chin (Bukit Brown)

While exploring Hill 3 Division A, i came across a modern looking tomb that is maintained and be cleaned.The tomb belongs to a Madam Wong Ah Hoh and inscribed on it: 

Memory of Mrs Woon Hong Chin nee Wong Ah Hoh, born October 23, 1879 - May 15, 1951. Tomb erected by Woon Hong Chin and children. 

Mr. Woon Hong Chin was the Chief Clerk and Administrative Head of the Accounts Department, Singapore Municipality when he eventually retired in 1929. When Woon Hong Chin reached his mandatory retirement age of 55 in 1928, it was further renewed for a period of 6 months from January 1, 1929. Woon Hong Chin was also at one-time, the Chairman of the Chinese Swimming Club Building Fund and Committee Member of the Swimming Club.

There was even an article dated March 1910, where he cut of his queue (pigtail). 

Woon Hong Chin

Mrs Woon Hong Chin nee Wong Ah Hoh


Anthony Woon Hong Chin passed away at the age of 92 at No. 1 Walton Road on May 19, 1954. The funeral services were held at Queen Peace Church and he was buried at Bidadari.

1 Walton Road

From the family home of 1 Walton Road, i found a connection to a Joseph Woon Seck Koon, who is likely the son of Mr. and Mrs. Woon Hong Chin.

Joseph Woon Seck Koon passed away on May 3, 1958.  The funeral left from 1 Walton Road and services were held at Queen Peace Church before burial at Bidadari. Mrs Woon Seck Koon (Elizabeth Chew Wai Mun) passed away on June 16, 1968.

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