Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kwek Noy Chia (Bukit Brown)

Kwek Noy Chia  (Quek Noy Chia) was one of the Vice-Presidents of the Union Sporting Association of Singapore (1930 -1937). I found very little information about Mr. Kwek  to find out further about him other than the name of his father, Quek Wah Guan who passed away at No. 134 Nallur Road on November 1948 and is survived by his sons; Quek Noy Chia and Quek Kim Chia.

Kwek Noy Chia of the Union Sporting Association
Members of the Union Sporting Association 
Kwek Noy Chia passed away on March 22, 1956 at the age of 67. His wife Madam Tan Kim Kee passed away on June 12, 1938 at the age of 44. She was the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Tan Yong Thian.
Mr and Mrs Kwek Noy Chia 

A beautiful Teochew tomb

Kwek Cheng Hoe, Kwek Ming Hoe, Kwek Khim Hoe, Kwek Siak Hoe, Kwek Liang Hoe, Kwek Khoon Hoe, Kwek Peng Hoe, Kwek Kwee Hoe

Kwek Sim Keow, Kwek Khoon Keow, Kwek Hoe Keow, Kwek Cheng Keow, Kwek Liang Keow

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