Tan Cheng Siong (Bukit Brown)

Mr Tan Cheng Siong (Mr. Tan Cheng Siang) , J.P. was the General Manager of the Overseas Chinese Bank Ltd. He was a committee member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Visiting Justice of Peace for the Po Leung Keuk and St. John Island, member of the Chinese Advisory Board, Chairman of the Soon Keck S.S.  Co. Ltd, Chairman and Managing Director of the United Sawmills Ltd. In United Saw Mills, Mr. Tan Cheng Siong peers were Dr. Lim Boon Keng (Chairman of Directors), Dr. S.C. Yin, Mr. Lim Nee Soon, Mr. Ong Peck Hock, Mr. Goh Soo Kee and Mr. Lim Koon Tye.


Mr. Tan Cheng Siong passed away on October 19, 1922 at his residence in 60 Cecil Street at 10 a.m at the age of 42. He is buried in Bukit Brown, Hill 1 Division E, plot 136.

Tan Cheng Siong 


Wife: Madam Wee Chia Neo
Mrs Tan Cheng Siong nee Wee Chia passed away at No. 12 Perumal Road off Race Course Road, Singapore on  November 24, 1934 at the age of 52. She leaves behind one son, Tan Seng Hwee alias Tan Peng Kian alias Tan Ah Sye, two adopted sons, Tan Chin Tuan and Lim Ah Hui, one daughter (Tan Siew Hua) and one grandson. She is buried in Bukit Brown Hill 3, Division D plot 824

Wife: Lee Guay Eng
Madam Lee Guay Eng is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chin Seng (Madam Chua Neo Neo). Madam Lee Guay Eng passed away at the age of 78 on March 4,  1965 at her residence in 530 Upper East Coast Road. Chief mourner was her eldest son, Mr Tan Chin Tuan, managing director of the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation. She is survived by sons: Tan Chin Tuan, Tan Chin Guan and daughter: Tan Siew Hua
Grandsons: Tan Keng Siong, Tan Kheng Yan, Tan Kheng Leong, Tan Kok Peng, Tan Kok Heng, Tan Kok Chye. Grand-daughters: Tan Kheng Liak, Tan Kheng Choo, Tan Ai Lian, Tan Ai Kheng, Tan Laye Choo, Tan Laye Gek. Madam Lee Guay Eng is buried in Hill 5, Division D plot 36 and 37.
Madam Lee Guay Eng 


Son: Tan Seng Hee / Tan Seng Hwee 
Mr. Tan Seng Hee /Tan Seng Hwee married Miss Jessie Lim, daughter of Mr. Lim Kian Beng, manager of the Ho Hong Steamship Company Ltd. The marriage took place on February 26, 1938 at 8 Angullia Park and was officiated by Dr. Lim Boon Keng. Over 600 attended and among those included Sir Song Ong Siang and Lady Helen, the Hon. Tay Lian Teck,  Mr. S.J. Chan, Mr. S.B. Tan, Mr. Ong Tia Teng, Mr. Chew Hock Long and Mr. Chua Keh Hai.

Tan Seng Hwee passed away at the age of 47 on November 25, 1962 leaving behind is wife, Jessie Lim Neo Swee, two sons, Tony Tan Keng Yam, Francis Tan Keng Leong and 2 daughters; Mary Tan and Betty Tan. Tan Seng Hwee is buried in Bidadari. One of of his son's, Tony Tan Keng Yam is the current President of Singapore.

Son: Tan Chin Tuan
Tan Chin Tuan, then Assistant Secretary of the Chinese Commercial Bank married Miss Wee Helene, daughter of Mr. Wee Theam Seng, manager of the Chinese Commercial Bank on September 18, 1926. When the Chinese Commercial Bank merged with Ho Hong and Overseas Chinese Bank  in 1933, to become OCBC, Tan Chin Tuan became a manager in OCBC, moving up its rank until he eventually retired as Chairman in 1983, and being its honorary life president thereafter. Tan Chin Tan was also the Deputy President of the Legislative Council from 1951 to 1955.

On his 90th birthday in 1998, his nephew, (former Deputy Prime Minister and the current President of Singapore) Tony Tan Keng Yam, described him as a man who had been 'scrupulously honest' in his business dealings, and who had 'lived his life as an honourable man'. There is a building within the Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Barker Road named after him. For his 91st Birthday, multi-millionaire Tan Chin Tuan, 91, offered to each healthy Singaporean aged over 90 a $1,000 gift. Over $1.2 million was eventually given out. Tan Chin Tuan passed away at the age of 98 on November 13, 2005.

Helene Wee and Tan Chin Tuan
(source: National Archives) 

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