Qing Ming in Bukit Brown (March 26, 2016)

Qing Ming 2014 marks the year that many tombs were moved to make way for the 8 lane highway and for many descendants is was last opportunity to pay respects in-situ to their ancestors. Two years have since passed. What has changed ? The affected tombs are now long gone now but what remains are the traditions of tomb visiting by the descendants of Bukit Brown.

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Qing Ming rituals preparation

A busy day in Bukit Brown 

Not forgotten -Hill 4  Division B

Not forgotten- Hill 3 Division C

Hill 3 Division 2 (Pauper's Section)

Stories from descendants

Sometimes (with their permission of course), you are able to chat with descendants who came down to Bukit Brown to find out stories about their ancestors buried there. As i was passing a jungle path, i came across four gentlemen preparing an elaborate offering, but what made this unique compared to others was that there was no headstone in front at all ! They explained that their grandfather and granduncle (surname ONG) were buried there during WWII. They were unfortunate victims of a massacre that took place in Bukit Batok area.This story was recounted to them by their parents. It is very heartening to see that despite more than 70 years, the grandchildren did not forget them despite the lack of headstone being present.

Busy day for Tomb keepers

Qing Ming is also the busiest time for the tomb keepers, who are offering cleaning or grass cutting services or helping descendants relocate the tomb of their ancestors and finally for families who engage their services in maintenance throughout the year, collection of payment.

Parting Pictures 

How many more Qing Ming will Bukit Brown have ? I don't have the answers, but i hope for a long, long, time still to come.

Not forgotten, but how much time do i have left to rest in peace

Not forgotten 



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