Phuah Chong Tin (Bukit Brown)

Phuah Chong Tin (潘藏珍) worked for Ho Hong Steamship Co. He also contributed to the Rangoon Road Fire Relief Fund (1924) and was an auditor for the Gunong Sayang Association in 1912.

Phuah Chong Tin passed away at the age of 50 on May 6, 1924 at his residence in 537, East Coast Road. He is buried in Bukit Brown in a beautiful triple tomb on top of Hill 1 Division B that is regularly maintained even till today.

On the tomb, the names of his children are listed:
Sons: Phuah Sian Kee, Phuah Siang Keng, Phuah Sian Poh, Phuah Cheng Tuan, Phuah Cheng Ann, Phuah Cheng Swee.
Daughters: Phuah Guek Noo,  Phuah Guek Choo,  Phuah Guek Kim

Wife: Ang Kim Hong Neo
Ang Kim Hong Neo -death date unknown.

Wife: Lee Lee Neo
Lee Lee Neo passed away on October 17, 1939.

Lee Lee Neo, Phuah Chong Tin, Ang Kim Hong Neo 

Mother: Seah Watt Neo
Seah Watt Neo passed away at the age of 72 at No. 4 Peck Seah Street on November 6, 1923. She is the mother of Phuah Chong Tin and Phuah Chong Wah. Funeral took place in Alexandra Road. She is survived by 2 sons, 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Brother: Phuah Chong Wah
Phuah Chong Wah passed away on December 13, 1935 at No 572 Geylang Road (opposite lorong 31). He is survived by his widow, 1 son ( Phuah Cheng Hoe) and 1 daughter. Phuah Chong Wah is buried in Bukit Brown.
Sons and daughters of Mr and Mrs Phuah Chong Tin 
Son: Phuah Sian Kee 
Phuah Sian Kee passed away peacefully on August 18, 1941 at No 22. Sturrock Road at the age of 46. He is survived by his wife (Madam Chia Kim Geok), a son ( Phuah Swee Lian ) and a daughter (Phuah Chye Bee). He is buried in Bukit Brown, Block 5, Division B, plot 244.
Phuah Sian Kee (Tiang Ho Koh Association 1933 )
Son: Phuah Sian Keng
Phuah Sian Keng 
In 1921, Phuah Sian Keng was the President of the United Chinese Musical Club. In an interview in 1959, Phuah Sian Keng was 59 years and to be a father of 6 children. He was in 1959 a civil servant, special grade clerk who will retire in November 1959. He was selected among 22 people to meet Prince Phillip who was visiting the Naval Base. From what i gather from the article, Phuah Sian Keng was likely to be one of the first Asian employee to join the naval base when its construction began in 1924.

Son: Phuah Sian Poh 
A composer and piano player, Phuah Sian Poh has contributed his time and talent to the United Chinese Musical Association whose association has produced many plays and performances.
Committee member of the Junior Civil Service Association, United Chinese Musical Association (1931)

Son: Phuah Cheng Tuan
Phuah Cheng Tuan married Miss Tan Choo Neo, daughter of Mr Tan Chin Heng of Robinson & Co. Ltd at his residence, Villa Dolce, Katong Road on August 1933. In 1955, Phuah Cheng Tuan was among the staff in Shell Company of Singapore to receive a 30 year long service award.

Son: Phuah Cheng Ann

Son: Phuah Cheng Swee
Phuah Cheng Swee was a cashier at the Singapore Police Court. In 1937, he married Miss Elsie Seow Hong Neo, daughter of Mr Seow Kway Fah at Geylang Methodist Church.

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