Hoe Beng Whatt and family (Bukit Brown)

Hoe Beng Whatt of Messers. Patterson, Simons and Co is the son of Mr and Mrs Hoe Hoon Seng. Hoe Beng Whatt passed away at the  age 54 passed away at his residence, no 140 Rangoon Road on May 4, 1929. He leaves behind a widow, Chan Guek Neo, one son, Hoe Keng Hock, one daughter, Hoe Hock Neo, one adopted son, Hoe (Lee Yam Chong) and one adopted daughter, Hoe Oh Nah and two sons-in-laws; Chan Kim Seng and Wee Song Kay.

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Hoe Beng Whatt

Madam Chan Guek Neo passed away on 10th December 1929 at her residence, no 140 Rangoon Road. She was 55 years of age and leaves behind a son, Hoe Keng Hock and two daughter and two son-in-laws (Messrs. Wee Song Kay and Chan Kim Seng ) to mourn her loss. According to the obituary article, she was buried in Bukit Brown, however on the tomb no date and age was engraved but a further check on the burial registrar provides evidence of this burial. This shows that we can't always assume no one is buried there if there is no dates engraved. Husband and wife died in 1929 and are buried in Hill 3 Section A, plot 357 and 381.

Burial Registrar entry for Madam Chan Guek Neo

Keramat Kusu Datuk Nenek

Kusu Island is one of the Sourthern Islands of Singapore accessible by public ferries from Marina South ferry terminal. A Chinese temple and three Malay keramat (shrine) on the island are the main attraction which draws pilgrims to pray annually. Kusu means “tortoise” or “turtle” in Hokkien. The shrine is popular with devotees seeking divine intervention from this Malay "saints" in the form of wealth, marriage, fertility, good health and harmony.  Up 152 flight of steps are the 3 Malay Keramat or shrines of this "saints" dedicated to Syed Abdul Rahman while the other two are believed to belong to his mother, Nenek Ghalib, and his sister, Puteri Fatimah Shariffah. There are inscriptions in 3 languages (Chinese, Jawi and Malay) which describes the visit of Dato Nenek to Hoe Beng Whatt at his residence in 140 Rangoon Road in 1917 and has the legend goes via his dreams requesting for the construction of the shrine and in return, success in business will be granted. Whether this is true or not, Hoe Beng Whatt and other benefactors which include; Tay Guan Kiat, Ong Chwee Tow, Tan Seng Chong, Kum Peng Huat, Yeo Wah Hin, Mrs. Tay Kim Neo.

Keramat Datuk Nenek 

Stone Inscription of the Benefactors


Mother: Mrs Hoe Hoon Seng nee Madam Tan Gin Neo
Mrs. Hoe Hoon Seng, mother of Mr. Hoo Beng Whatt of Messrs. Paterson, Simons and Co. passed away at the age of 64 years at her son's residence, 140 Rangoon Road on 29 April 1917. She was buried at the 4th mile, Bukit Timah Road Chinese Cemetery. She is survived by 3 sons, one daughter and several grandchildren. With the rediscovery of Mrs. Hoe Hoon Seng tomb at Lao Sua, we know the names of the children as well; Mrs. Hoe Hoon Seng is survived by 3 sons ( Hoe Beng Whatt, Hoe Choon Whatt, Hoe Eng Whatt ), 1 daughter ( Hoe Cheng Neo ), and several grandchildren.
Mrs. Hoe Hoon Seng nee Madam Tan Gin Neo
(photo courtesy of Raymond Goh)

Daughter: Hoe Hock Neo
Notice of engagement was announced between Chan Kim Seng of Sime Darby and Co. Ltd , eldest son of the late Mr and Mrs. Chan Yew Hong with Miss Hoe Hock Neo, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs. Hoe Beng Whatt. The marriage will take place on 22nd July 1925.

Adopted Son: Lee Yam Chong 
Mrs. Wee Song Kay wishes to announced that the marriage of her younger brother, Mr. Lee Yam Chong, son of Mr. T.K. Lee, senior bookkeeper of Messrs. the Asiatic Petroleum Co. (S.S.) Ltd, Johore Bahru to Miss Tan Hock Neo, third daughter of Mrs. Tan Teck Bee and the late Mr. Tan Teck Bee will take place on April 10, 1930 at No. 205 Moulmein Road.

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