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Miss Gwee Chye Neo (Bukit Brown)

Miss Gwee Chye Neo passed away at the age of 21 on 19th June 1926. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Gwee Cheng Lee and younger sister of  Gwee Soon Neo nee Mrs. Ong Boon Tat. The tomb is beautifully decorated with decorative tiles from S.A, Ceramics, Belgium (1907-1930). She is buried in Hill 1 Division B, plot 304.

Tomb of Miss Gwee Chye Neo 


Mother: Madam Lee Lean Neo 
Mrs Gwee Cheng Lee nee Madam Lee Lean Neo passed away in 18 November 1923 at 13-4, Lorong 25-a Geylang Road. In the article, it was mention that she was the mother of Gwee Kim Keng. Her tomb is in Bukit Brown.

Father: Gwee Cheng Lee
Mr. Gwee Cheng Lee passed away at the age of 73 on 30th May 1946 at his residence, 166 Upper Serangoon Road. He is survived by his widow, 3 sons, Gwee Kim Keng, Gwee Kim Guan, Gwee Kim Chee, 5 daughters; Mrs. Ong Boon Tat, Madam Tan Yin Seong, Mrs. Tan Chin Bock, Gwee Ghee Neo, Gwee Hoe Neo, 1 son-in-law, Tan Chin Bock,  several grandchildren including Ong Tiang Wee, Ong Tiang Guan and many great grandchildren.

Gwee Cheng Lee's tomb is in Bukit Brown and after checking with Raymond Goh, Gwee Cheng Lee's tomb has names of two family on each of the tomb panel:

Left Panel
Sons : Gwee Kim Keng, Gwee Kim Ko
Daughters : Gwee Soon Neo, Gwee Chye Neo

Right panel
Sons: Gwee Kim Guan, Gwee Kim Chee
Daughters: Gwee Ghee Neo, Gwee Hoe Neo, Gwee Chwee Neo

Step-mother: Madam Cheang Yong Neo
<do not have any information at the moment>

Brother: Gwee Kim Keng
Gwee Kim Keng, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Gwee Cheng Lee married Lee Hock Neo, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Lee Soon Hee at 45 McCallum Street on 28 November 1922.

Sister: Gwee Soon Neo 
Mrs Ong Boon Tat nee Madam Gwee Soon Neo passed away at the age of 58 on August 29, 1952 at 10:50 am at Bukit Rose, 259, Bukit Timah Road after several months of illness. She is survived by her sons, Ong Tiang Wee, Ong Tiang Guan, Ong Tiang Hin, daughters; Ong Lim Neo and Ong Moh Eng. Grandchildren; Ong Eng Yeow, Ong Eng Kong, Ong Eng Sim, Ong Sin Leng, Ong Sin Qui and Ong Chong Bee. Madam Gwee Soon Neo is buried in Bukit Brown, next to Ong Boon Tat.

Madam Gwee Soon Neo nee Mrs. Ong Boon Tat
(photo courtesy of Sharon Ong)

Step-brother: Gwee Kim Guan
Engagement was announced in November 1953 between Gwee Kim Guan, son of Mrs. Gwee Cheng Lee and the late Mr. Gwee Cheng Lee and Nancy Seow, only daughter of Mrs Seow Tiong Kim and the late Mr. Seow Tiong Kim.

Step-sister: Gwee Ho Neo / Gladys Gwee Ho Neo
An engagement notice was announced on 31 May 1959 between Alan Poh Liang (only son of Madam Quah Oh Nee and the late Mr Poh Chee Beng) and Gladys Gwee Ho Neo , youngest daughter of Madam Cheang Yong Neo and the late Mr. Gwee Cheng Lee.

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