Thursday, January 09, 2020

Soh Chit Neo (Bukit Brown)

In loving memory of Soh Chit Neo, wife of Goh Cheo Kim , died 26th Day, 7th Chinese Moon , 11th  Year. From the burial records, Soh Chit Neo pass away at the age of 32 on 19th September 1922. Madam Soh Chit Neo is buried in Hill 1 Division A, plot 51. The beautiful tiled tomb caught my attention because other than its decorative tiles, it is all in English and below there is also an epitaph written in honor of her.
The epitaph below the altar table reads;

She is gone but not forgotten
She is not with us today
But the thought of her is something
that will not pass away

Tomb of Soh Chit Neo 

I have little concrete information of who Goh Cheo Kim is, but the nearest i could find was mentioned of a Goh Cheo Kim who was a Hon. Superintendent of the Child Welfare Society.
The patron of the Child Welfare Society was Lady Guillemard and the President was Mr. Tan Kah Kee. Other prominent Chinese leaders who were the Hon. Vice Presidents include: Lady Shaw, Mr. Eu Tong Seng, O.B.E, Mr. Liau Chia Heng, Mr. Teo Eng Hock, Mr. Aw Boon Haw, Mr. S.Q Wong, Mr. Seah Engetc.

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