Thursday, July 02, 2020

Madam Lim Geok Hiok (Kopi Sua)

Madam Lim Geok Hiok nee Mrs. Lee Beng Chuan passed away at the age 22 on 23rd June 1948. On her tomb is listed 1 son, Lee Teck Huat. The rediscovery of Lim Geok Hiok started with a request by Theresa Lim, who gave a talk about finding her roots in National Library in December 2019. On the top of her quest list was to look for her aunt (her father's eldest sister who died at the young age of 22 in 1948 after giving birth to twins, of whom only one twin survived). She told us that her father used to visit the elder sister's grave many years ago including a time period when he could just walk from Kopi Sua (Whitley Road side) to Malcolm Road Side (in short before the Pan-Island Expressway was built). He was very adamant that her eldest sister tomb was not affected by the highway as he remembered a petrol kiosk nearby. I joined Raymond Goh in this quest to find, and we were very fortunate to able to locate it after spending 2 days looking for it. 

Madam Lim Geok Hiok
Madam Lim Geok Hiok nee Mrs Lee Beng Chuan

Madam Lim Geok Hiok
The tomb of Madam Lim Geok Hiok after we cleared it

Location of tomb 
Malcom Road /Whitley Road Cemetery is know "colloquially" as Kopi Sua, is a large cemetery system with parts of it cut of due to the construction of the Pan Island Expressway. The tomb of Madam Lim Geok Hiok nee Mrs Lee Beng Chuan is at the section of Kopi Sua area that was cut of by the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) (the entrance to this section of cemetery complex is via the long staircase just before St.Joseph Institution). Her plot number is 226. 

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