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Tan Ean Long and family (Bukit Brown)

Tan Ean Long passed away at the age of 46 on 16th February 1946. The last address that i could gather was from a notice for the deceased estate issued in 1951 by Tan, Rajah and Cheah, Solictors for Chinese Bankers Trust. Tan Ean Long passed away intestate and his last address was listed as No 20 North Boat Quay.
Tan Ean Long's tomb
Tan Ean Long's tomb

When his brother, Tan Ean Kiam passed away in 1943, Tan Ean Teck, Tan Ean Long and Lim Bock Kee were executors of his will. 

Wife: Madam Teo Kim Hong
Mdm Teo Kim Hong, wife of Tan Ean Long passed away at the age of 34 on 13th March 1936. The epitaph detailed a loving wife of 15 years who died at the young age of 34, after giving birth to several children. Tan Kim Hong died while giving birth, leaving behind several young children and a grieving husband who penned the epitaph. The tomb is located at Hill 4 Section A, plot 376. From the burial registrar of Bukit Brown i am able to find record of their still born female daughter. She is  listed to have been buried in the Pauper I Division II plot 180 (the baby girl died on 13th March 1936 and was buried 14th March 1936, no age listed). 

Teo Kim Hong

The still born child (female) that died together with her mother, Mrs Tan Ean Long nee Teo Kim Hong 

Brother: Tan Ean Kim 
Tan Ean Kiam (陈延谦)(Tan Eang Khiam / Tan Ean Khiam) was a successful rubber magnate and banker. He together with Khoo Koh Wah established the Overseas Chinese Bank (OCB) in 1919 and became the Managing Director. When Overseas Chinese Bank later merged with Ho Hong Bank and Chinese Commercial Bank on 31 October 1932 to form the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation or OCBC Bank. Tan Ean Kiam was its Managing Director until his death in 1943. During the Japanese occupation, Tan Ean Kiam was for a short period, the Vice-President of the Syonan Overseas Chinese Association before he had an heart attack and passed away on March 30, 1943.
Tan Ean Kiam
Tan Ean Kiam 
Brother: Tan Ean Teck 
Tan Ean Teck was a prominent merchant and brother of Tan Ean Kiam. He was also a shareholder of the OCBC Bank. I don't have much information of what he did as a merchant, but during the Japanese occupation, he played an important role in keeping the local Chinese community who were resettled out of Singapore into a new settlement called Endau. Unfortunately, this involvement lead to his eventual demise as well. 
Tan Ean Teck

Location of tomb 
Tan Ean Long's tomb is located in Hill 3 Section C, plot P260 . His tomb is above and to the left of Ong Sam Leong's tomb or a few tombs above Chionh Ke Hu's tomb. Her wife tomb, Teo Kim Hong tomb is located at Hill 4 Section A, plot 376. (close by to to Lim Peng Chin's tomb). The still born unnamed female daughter of Mrs. Tan Ean Long is buried in Pauper I Division II plot 180. 

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