Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Binoculars (or Bin's for short)

When i first started birdwatching, i wasn't really sure i will fall in love with it. My first binoculars was a simple one: Olympus 7x35 Porro Prism. This humble bin stayed by my side for 3 -4 years before i decided birdwatching was indeed fun and then i took the next step to upgrade. There are plenty of bins out there -from the Leica's, Swaroski's, Zeiss, etc etc -but finally i settled with Nikon Monarch (10x42). After a couple of months of using it, i wish i bought it earlier ! lol.

This post is not meant to sway you to get a Nikon, but really, Bin's are a personal choice. Do read up and ask around your friends before you decide on one. Keep to what you can afford as well. If you have plenty of cash to spare or have decided that upgrading 1 step at a time is a waste of money, by all means get your Leica or Swaroski.

Recently, through a friends recommendation, i bought a Opticron 8x42 Oregon LE WP for my wife. I bought it from this place called Nature's Niche, located at No. 10 Lorong Lada Hitam; Singapore 778793. The owner,Ng Bee Choo was very friendly and allowed us plenty of time to test out the various bins they had. There was no "hard-selling" and basically shared with us the pro(s) and con(s) of the various brands. I was very happy with the entire experience and left the lovely shop (a real niche place of a variety of nature books, gifts, optics, etc).

Finally, if you are starting out, do spend some time and read up. Plenty of sites out there. I am just listing 2 below:
The Binocular Site

All the best in your journey to birdwatching ! Mine, although has been a couple of years, i still think i have a long way to go and many many things to learn !! Have not even touch on scopes and . Till the next time !

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