A visit to Penang Island and Seafood at Teluk Kumbar

Me and my better half took a break and headed down to Penang (Pulau Pinang ) for an eating trip with my old, old friends. We really ate a lot, but somehow i manage to squeeze in some bird shots from:

Gurney Drive - a popular tourist spot, is essentially a stretch of road with seafront view and a number of hawker stalls give a snippet of some of the delicious food that Penang) has to offer. (but please explore beyond this tourist trap lah !) I particular enjoyed eating in Pulau Tikus market area, well within working distance from Gurney.

At night, you might be able to spot lots of waders, black crowned night heron's, little herons over here as well !


Gurney Drive (At Night)

Gurney (In the Day)


Teluk Kumbar -located at the Southern tip of Penang Island (where the Bayan Lepas International Airport is located) is a rustic beachside area famous for its seafood and its fishing village.

The actual address of this place is Teluk Kumbar Sea-food, 84, MK9, Teluk Kumbar (04-6491403). It opens from 5.30pm till 10 pm.

The signature dish in my humble opinion is the mantis shrimp and the satay.

Teluk Kumbar



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