Friday, September 24, 2010

A visit to the Kranji Marshland

Its 24th Sept and i am on leave the next couple of days. Before catching a bus to Malaysia in the evening, decided to visit the Kranji marshland bund. This is an area adopted by Nature Society, Singapore to conserve what little left of marshland in Singapore.

Getting there
A cab or car required. After Kranji Road (Kranji Reservoir), travel along Neo Tiew Road. On your left, you should be looking out for Neo Tiew Lane 3. Drive in and park along there before continuing your journey on foot. See Map.

Brown Shrike

Birds spotted

  1. Brown Shrike
  2. Purple Heron
  3. Lesser Flameback Woodpecker
  4. Black naped Tern
  5. Common Iora
  6. The walk
  7. Purple Starling (Adult and Juvenile)
  8. Black naped Oriole
  9. Olive Sunbird
  10. White breasted Waterhen
  11. Blue-tailed Bee-eater
  12. Common Kingfisher
  13. Collared Kingfisher
  14. White-throated Kingfisher
  15. Koel (Female)
  16. Creasted Serpent Eagle
  17. White creasted Laughing Thrush

More pictures and story coming up !

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