Ubin revisited

Back to my usual hangout place, Ubin Island for a leisurely walk on a September, Saturday morning.

Of all the interesting birds we saw today, the one that caught my eye was a Buffy Fish Owl, perched on a pole by a pond near a mangrove area. It rested there for 1 minute before being aware of my presence and flew away ! I have not seen an owl in Ubin for ages !! and felt really blessed to see one

A pair of common kingfisher
 Other interesting birds spotted were a pair of common kingfishers perched on a log. They seem to be playing around with the one on the left flapping its wings constantly at the one on the right. Some mating move? or trying to show dominance? That's an area of interest to study and move towards to (other than purely identification). The study on the behavior of birds is an area one should develop in as a birder.

Scally Munia

Scally Breasted Munias are easy to identify among the grass patches and are cute little birds that never fail to captivate my attention and time.

As usual, the are usually in groups and the sight of them perched on a grass which slowly curves down due to their weight something joyful to watch.

Red-breasted Parakeet (Male)

Although getting common, parakeets are a joy to watch too esp when they are perched with sunlight shinning on them showing their radiant colors and their "mischievous" calls

A point to note- quite a number of Albizia trees were chopped down surrounding the area of the quarry nearest to Ubin Village (on the land formerly belonging tothe Scout Camp, before they shifted). A shame indeed ! I wonder whether this is a knee-jerk reaction to recent spates of fallen trees or indeed during National Park's investigation, they spotted tree rot. I was pretty sad to see this majestic looking trees disappear.

Birds spotted today:
1. Buffy Fish Owl
2. Common Kingfisher (2)
3. Scally Munia
4. Olive Bulbul
5. Starling ,Asian Glossy
6. Brahminy Kite
7. Crimson Sunbird
8. Olive-backed Sunbird
10. Dollarbird
11. Brahminy Kite
12. Grey Heron
13. Common Iora



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