Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kranji Marshland - Part II

 A lovely walk in Kranji Marshland, brought many wonderful surprises that emphasised the beauty of nature that we need to take our time to enjoy and most importantly protect and preserve. The Nature Society, Singapore has taken that step by adopting and rehabilitating some areas surrounding the reservoir. We need to build on that momentum and continue to pressurise the government to stop further development and future golf courses in the reservoir area.

Baya Weaver nest

Black-naped Tern

Black-naped Terns

Kranji Reservoir
Black-naped Terns are a joy to watch especially when they do their dive bombing to feed on schools of fishes. I guess this birds were so well liked, that they appeared on the $1 note bird series first featured and released in 1976. I took several pictures of this terns at the Kranji Reservoir and the reservoir itself is providing for the wildlife surrounding it which should be preserved and conserved and not developed further for "golf course development"

Purple Heron

Albizia Trees

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