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Ong Siow Sian (Bukit Brown)

Located near the gates of Bukit Brown and affected by the 8-lane highway (LTA peg number 1078), is the tomb of Mr and Mrs Ong Siow Sian. Both came from illustrious family.

Mr Ong Siow Sian is the eldest son's of Mr and Mrs Ong Soo Tee (also buried in Bukit Brown).  His grandfather is Mr Ong Ewe Hai, one of the 3 Ong clansman that bought the land that was eventually to become Bukit Brown Cemetery. Ong Siow Sian was an avid billiards, tennis player, and volunteered for the Singapore Volunteer Corps during the Great War (World War I).

Mr and Mrs Ong Siow Sian
Ong Siow Sian married Miss Chia Siew Lay, sixth daughter of Mr Chia Hood Theam. Mr Chia Hood Theam is the eldest son of Chia Leong Chuan, Camprador of the Mercantile Bank and when his father died, Chia Hood Theam became Camprador. He was also a firm believer of social education reform and like Mr Ong Soo Tee sat in the board for the Singapore Chinese Girls School as Honorary Treasurer.

Ong Siow Sian passed away at the General Hospital on April 24, 1964 at the age of 72. He left behind is wife (name not mentioned), son (Ong Choon Bee) and daughter (Mrs Wee Siew Hock nee Ong Cheng  Neo). His residence was at No 367 Racecourse Road. His wife, Chia Siew Lay died at the age of 45 on March 11, 1941. He is buried beside his first wife.

If you noticed, the tomb shoulder on the right has a cross engraved on its side. This could possibly mean he converted to Christianity.

Mr and Mrs Ong Siow Sian 

Tomb is pegged and affected by road

His son, Ong Choon Bee married Marguerite Chua Sui Gek, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Chua Ah Kow.

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