Poh Cheng Tee and family (Bukit Brown)

In Sir Song's book, 100 years of Chinese in Singapore, Poh Cheng Tee was described as an enterprising young man with good business aptitude and also a liberal supporter of Straits Chinese educational institutions. In 1902, Poh Cheng Tee worked for Huttehbach Bros & Co. The advertisement article described him putting up for lease, offices in No 6,7,8 Malacca Street (that was occupied by Lat Pau Press).

Poh Cheng Tee was also listed as owning a bungalow at 849 East Coast Road (opposite East Coast Police Station) and  East Coast Road, near Teluk Kurau Road. He was the President of Chinese Swimming Club in 1921-1924. The vice president during that years was Seow Poh Leng.

He has made numerous contributions to many funds and schools such as the Chinese Girls School, Anglo Chinese School

Attorney to Dr. Lim Boon Keng
Poh Cheng Tee together with Tan Keng Hian, Yeo Ban Keng and S.Q. Wong were appointed as attorneys for Dr. Lim Boo Keng in August 30, 1921
source: NewspaperSG

Mr Poh Cheng Tee passed away on October 2, 1941 at the age of 62 at his residence in No 535 Serangoon Road. He leaves behind his widow, 3 sons (Poh Siong Hai, Dr Poh Chee Joey, Poh Siong Joo,  6 daughters, 3 daughters-in-law, 6 sons-in-laws (Chan Kim Chwee, Tan Hoon Hong, Lim Lian Po, Tan Yew Beng, Seet Ah Soo and Yeo Siew Cheng, 24 grandchildren ).

Mr and Mrs Poh Cheng Tee's tomb.
Staked with numbers 1017, 1018, they are affected by the highway

Side Panel of  Poh Cheng Tee's Tomb

Wife, Low Hay Kee Neo
Madam Low Hay Kee (nee Mrs. Poh Cheng Tee) passed away on August 2, 1964, age 88 and is the eldest daughter of Low Cheng Chuan, whose father is Low Thuan Locke, one of few Straits-born Chinese who is able to read and write English fluently at that time, and who also once worked for Mr Cheang Hong Lim.

Low Thuan Locke also ran a godown business in Raffles Place with his partners in a company called " Locke, Hong Ghee & Co. Storekeepers".

Mother: Madam Quah Kim Neo 
Quah Kim Neo passed away on August 23, 1925 at the age of 73, leaving behind her only son Poh Cheng Tee, fifteen grandchildren including Dr Cheong Chee Hai. She is buried next to her son, Poh Cheng Tee,  LTA peg no 1019.
Quah Kim Neo (mother of Poh Cheng Tee) 

Son: Dr Poh Chee Joey (A Chinese P.O.W. Doctor in the Death Railway)
Dr. Poh Chee Joey is a Municipal Commissioner and had the distinction of being the only Chinese Qualified Medical Officer to have served in the Siam-Burma Railway or Death Railway. He was the son of the late Mr Cheong Choon Peng but was adopted by Poh Cheng Tee (uncle) and took the Poh surname. (Mr Cheong Choon Peng was from a family that settled in Singapore for over a hundred years and in 1910, Mr Cheong was part of a Malayan Volunteer Contingent for the coronation of King George V. He received an inscribed gold watch from the London Chamber of Commerce for his work in developing British trade in Malaya).

Dr Poh did his medical degree in Edinburgh and when he return to practice in 1930 was also the honorary secretary of the Chinese Recreation Club for 5 years and President of the Badminton Association. Dr. Poh served with the Singapore Volunteer Field Ambulance and made a prisoner of war after the fall of Singapore. Survivors of the Death Railway, remembered Dr. Poh for his efforts in helping them.

Daughter: (third daughter) Poh Kim Eng
Poh Kim Eng (third daughter) married Mr See Thio Soo
Traditional Chinese marriage dressing
(source:  NewspaperSG ) 

A more westernised dressing
Miss Chee Chik was the flower girl
(source: NewspaperSG) 

Mr and Mrs Poh Cheng Tee's tomb together with his mother are affected by the 8 lane highway. Located in Hill 1 Division A (easily accessible from roundabout), their LTA stake numbers are 1017-1019.

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