Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changi Point Coastal Walk (Changi Village)

Most of my visits to Changi Village are to enjoy its food at the hawker centre or laze over a cup of coffee or as a stop over before visiting Ubin Island. Last Saturday, (March 2) i decided to change my usual routine and walk the coastal walk or what i call the board walk. I also wanted to check out the commando barracks and the old changi hospital to see what developments have been taking place since i last paid visit over a year ago.

Getting there
By MRT, nearest one is Tanah Merah. Transfer to SBS Bus No. 2  at Bus stop No 85091.This will bring you to Changi Village interchange. Other buses that goes to Changi Village include SBS Bus No. 29, 59, 109.
My route from Changi Village 
On a beautiful morning or evening, you will get to enjoy the lovely sea breeze and if your timing is right, during a low tide, be mesmerised by the amazing diversity of shore life that calls Changi coast its home. Below are some of the pictures i took on the Saturday morning i was there.

View of Ubin from Changi Sailing Club 

Granite rocks giving the shore line its character

View of Ubin from the Changi Sailing Club 
Changi Coastal Walk

At "Kelong Walk"

Board walk 

Almost white sandy beaches. 
A stroll along Hendon Road 
After taking a nice stroll i wanted to take a look at what was happening to the 1930's houses along Hendon Road which was once the Headquarters of British Royal Engineers and the Far East Air Forces (and after war, Headquarters for the Royal Air Force of Malaya and Singapore). When i arrived i noticed a number of changes have taken place. The one that caught my eye immediately was a recently chopped tree with a huge girth (maybe Albizia) lying by the side of the road.

No 34 and 35 Hendon Road are going through retrofitting to become training centres for its future owner, a bank called BNP Paribas (Singapore branch). No 35 used to be one of HQ for the Far East Air Forces.

Commando barracks at Hendon 

Tree with a huge girth chopped down 
Construction underway

The project taking place in No 34 & 35 Hendon Road
With the pace of construction taking place, the only unused building seem to the Old Changi Hospital and the Old HQ of the Royal British Engineers. It is really amazing the speed of development that ha already taken place here.
Old Changi Hospital fenced up 

Overlooking at the residential houses at the foothill

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