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Tan Joo Khoon (Bukit Brown)

Tan Joo Khoon was in the government service in the Marine Department for 26 years and is the Chief Clerk of the Master Attendant's Office and an Chinese interpreter for the shipping community. His house is at No. 393, Beach Road. Tan Joo Khoon passed away at the age of 44 on July 31, 1926. This happened while he was holidaying with some friends in Beting Kusa, Changi, he had a heart attack. He died while in transit to General Hospital.

He is the brother-in-law of Seah Eng Lim. He is remembered by a widow (Ng Joo Tian), 4 sons (Tan Lye Sia, Tan Lye Quee, Tan Lye Wah, Tan Lye Mok), two daughters, (Tan Meow Luang, Tan Meow Gek), 1 daughter-in-law.
Memorial stone of Tan Joo Khoon
Tan Joo Khoon is also survived by 5 brothers: Tan Joo Seng, Tan Joo Sung, Tan Joo Eng, Tan Koon Yam, Tan Joo Kee. ( Seah Eng Lim's father is Seah Peck Seah and grandfather is Seah Eu Chin).

His wife who is in the tomb beside him is Madam Ng Joo Tian, who died on April 30, 1960 at the age of 74. There is another wife listed in the tomb, a Madam Lee.
Madam Ng Joo Thian

Marble stone of Madam Ng Joo 

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