Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first temple dinner (Mun San Fook Tuck Chee)

I was invited to a temple dinner on March 13, 2013 and i gladly accepted the invitation having never attended a temple dinner before. The Mun San Fook Tuck Chee (萬山福德祠) is one of the oldest cantonese temple in Singapore with an history over 140 years and is located at No 124, Sims Drive, Singapore 387379. I believe it also known as Sar Kong Temple (named after the village that used to be in Sims Drive).

Other than being known as one of the oldest cantonese temple, it is also well known for its Fire Dragon, which is made from rice straw woven together tightly and firmly so that joss sticks can be stuck on it. I managed to witness the burning of the fire dragon during a ceremony last year as well as , in this very temple. Below are some of the pictures of the activities that took place during the temple dinner cum auction festivities. I decided not to post up any food pictures because I am not really a food blogger, although i might consider doing so in the future (one should never say never!).

Temple entrance and devotees making offerings

Drum and bell after temple entrance
Cantonese Opera (Wayang) 
Straw dragon kept in temple compounds

My artistic rendition of the dragon

The temple dinner itself was your typical eight course dinner with fund raising activities via auction of various objects including lanterns. The guest of honour that graced the event was Dr Yaccob Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Information. Below are some pictures from 2012, February 23 of the fire dragon event that took place at Mun San Fook Tuck Chee.

Smoking fire dragon by the joss sticks stuck into the straw body

The fire dragon on fire 
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