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Chinese Cemeteries in Pengerang ( Heritage Trail in Pengerang )

My Pengerang trail continues, this time with an article highlighting the plight and its future. Cemeteries as we know are symbolic for a community and its pioneers that has taken root in this area and for many of the locals, the resting place of their ancestors. 
Kampong Teluk Ampang Hokkien Cemetery
This Chinese cemetery caught the attention of the locals when development at the fringe of the cemetery impacted some of this tombs and locals were angered that they were not consulted. The Telok Ampang cemetery is one of few cemeteries that lie close to the sea shore.  
Telok Ampang Tombs facing the sea
Development threatening its existence in the backdrop
Tomb with a view 
Oldest tomb here in Pengerang to-date (1892)

Kampong Jawa Cemetery
Kampong Jawa Cemetery is reported to be affected by the development. Located on a hilly area, it overlooks the sea 
Kampong Jawa Cemetery

Relocated tombs

Relocated tombs

Sungai Buntu Chinese Cemetery
This cemetery is located beside the sea and is the nearest to Sungai Rengit. 
tomb of a "secret society" leader ?

two deities side by side

Location and Cemeteries Future
Location of the Cemeteries
(source: Google Maps)
The cemeteries, especially the Kampong Jawa and Kampong Teluk Ampang Hokkien Cemetery are in danger of development. In another article i read, it was reported that 5 Chinese Cemeteries are in danger. What will their future hold? 
Dark clouds over Kampong Jawa Cemetery, Pengerang

Is it sunset or sunrise for the affected Cemeteries 

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Getting to Pengerang via boat
From Singapore, the place you can take the boat is at Changi Village Ferry Terminal. Upon reaching Tanjong Pengelih, Johor, there will be many taxi's that will be able to bring you to the major town nearby, (roughly at the cost RM$20 - RM$25 for 1 cab) Sungai Rengit. The ferry will only leave when there are 12 people available to board it. So try to go with a group of friends consisting of 12 pax. At the point of writing, it cost about $11 - $13 per pax for a one way trip.

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