Goh Hood Kee and family (Bukit Brown)

Mr. Goh Hood Kee passed away on February 22, 1928 at the age of 45. He is remembered by his wife, Madam Seow Keng Neo, his son, Goh Boo Lat and daughter Miss Goh Chye Yan.
Goh Hood Kee 
Goh Hood Kee (peg 1527)
I do not have much more information about Goh Hood Kee who lies buried in Hill 2 and is affected by the 8 lane highway (peg number 1527), but researching on his family, especially his siblings paints an interesting story. 

Father: Goh Kim Swee
Goh Kim Swee passed away at his residence at the age of 76 in Serangoon Road (near Serangoon English School) on March 1921. He is survived by his son's, Goh Hood Kee, Goh Hood Keng, Goh Hood Seng, Goh Hood Kiat. He is buried in Bidadari. He was connected with Robinson and Co for over 50 years and retired with pension in 1918. Prior to his death, he converted to Christianity. 

Brother: Goh Hood Keng / Rev. Goh Hood Keng
Goh Hood Keng passed away at the age of 72 in January 31, 1961. He was a pupil of the late Bishop W.F. Oldham (founder of Anglo-Chinese School in 1886) and converted to Christianity secretly despite his parents objections initially. (His father and some his siblings converted later on as well). He then became a teacher in Anglo Chinese School before becoming a full-time minister. He hold the honours of being the first Straits Chinese to be ordained a Methodist Minister where he served for 50 years. He preached his last sermon at Wesley Church (Fort Canning) on New Year's Day, 1961. He is survived by a daughter, two grand daughters, a brother and sister. His nephew was Singapore's former Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Goh Keng Swee.
Goh Hood Keng 
Brother: Goh Hood Teck 
One of Singapore's oldest salesman, Goh Hood Teck, the chief salesman at Sime Darby and Co. Ltd worked for the firm for 35 years. Goh Hood Teck passed away at the age of 52 in June 4, 1951. He leaves behind his widow and two daughters, Goh Koon Neo and Goh Eng Neo. The cortege leaves his residence No 555 East Coast Road for Bidadari Cemetery on 6th June 1951.
Goh Hood Teck together with Sime Darby colleagues

Brother: Goh Hood Seng
Goh Hood Seng passed away in September 1922

Brother: Goh Hood Kiat, O.B.E 
Goh Hood Kiat studied in Anglo-Chinese School before becoming a teacher there.  He went on to be a proprietor of G.H. Kiat Ltd, a well known bookseller business in Change Alley and High Street. Goh Hood Kiat was also a director in the Singapore Chinese Girls School and President of the Chinese Association, Booksellers and Newsagents Association, hon. secretary of Clerical Union, Vice President of the Chinese Swimming Club. 

He successfully contested the first Municipal Elections in 1949 and secured the largest number of votes and served for 3 years. In 1955 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E) by The Governor of Singapore, Sir John Nicoll.   
Goh Hood Kiat 
In a very high profile case, Goh Hood Kiat was charged with attempted murder by shooting a young Straits born Chinese, Mr Wong Yong Soo in the back with a pistol revolver at the Chinese Swimming Club on June 26, 1925. Goh Hood Kiat was sentenced to 9 months rigorous imprisonment  on July 30, 1925 for causing hurt. In January 1926, the local chinese community petition to the Governor for a remission of the sentence. The case was so high profile that a book titled, "Trial of Goh Hood Kiat" was published after the trial. 

Goh Hood Kiat passed away on December 20, 1963 at the age of 71. He was buried in Bidadari. After Bidadari cemetery made way for future housing, his headstone was re-interned in Bidadari Memorial Park. 
Goh Hood Kiat (Bidadari Memorial Park)

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  1. Hi, would you have any information relating to Goh Hood Kiat's marriage to Mrs. Yong Soo? His headstone does not mention his wife and children? Where can I search for this? thank you.

  2. thanks. It appears I am related to Mrs Yong Soo. She was my grandmother's sister (father's side). I find it strange there is no mention of her in Goh Hood Kiat's headstone.

  3. GH Kiat was a good friend of my grandfather Khoo Kim Lian MBE, JP.from 2495C Limbongan, Melaka.(in 1925 he was staying at 26 Heeren street.) Mrs Yong Soo's maiden name was Chan Sau Lin.So my grandfather named his daughters Khoo Gek Lin, Khoo Mei Lin, Khoo Su Lin - Edwin Khoo 019-6568168 of 5

  4. Chan Sau Lin's father was possibly Chan San Man (Mun)


  5. Chan Sau Lin's brother in law was Lim Chye Yan, she was also a friend of Khoo Kim Lian


    Wong Yong Soo's brother in law was Rev. Lee Chye An (Yan)


    1. Ming Tung Dicky GohMarch 5, 2023 at 10:48 PM

      Hello My grandpa Goh Lai Kang published the ‘trial of goh hood kiat’ in the 1920s. I believe he was close to th Goh Kim Swee/Hood Kiat family and I hope to connect with their descendants as I SM trying to trace families of missing grand uncles Goh Lai Mui, Lai Mong & Lai Seah. Please contact me 98428866, gohdicky@yahoo.com.sg if you have any leads. My great grandpa was Goh Keng Hock from Chaoshan and likely
      If rated in the mid 1850s.


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