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Madam Lim Nyonya (Lao Sua)

One of the marble tombs that caught my attention is the tomb of Madam Lim Nyonya who passed away at the age of 52 on February 20, 1956. She is survived by her daughter Nancy Peck, her son-in-law, Khoo Kim Swee and grandchildren, Khoo Geok Lin, Khoo Keng Lin, Khoo Keng San

What strikes me is Madam Lim incorporated the term "Nyonya" in her name probably as indication that she was a Straits Born lady. Another probability is that it was a term of endearment for her by the people who know her. Many Straits born Chinese refer to themselves as Baba (men) or Nyonya (women) to differentiate themselves from the subsequent wave of Chinese migrants. There are many research materials written about the Baba's and Nyonya's and their customs, there is no need to mention it here.  

Madam Lim Nyonya

A search for Madam Lim Nyonya drew blank, but her daughter; Nancy Peck was able to provide me with the names of Madam Lim Nyonya's grandchildren.

Nancy Peck passed away at the age of 70 on July 7, 2000. She is survived by her husband; Khoo Kim Swee,

Sons: Khoo Keng Lin, Ernest ; Khoo Keng San, Derek
Daughters-in-law; Bay Sok Jua ; Chan Hui King, Penny
Daughters: Khoo Geok Lin, Valerie ; Khoo Keng San, Derek
Sons-in-law: Chua Choon Chuan, Samuel ; Lee Cheow Chuan, Kavlin ; Yu Wen Miin, Alfred
Godsons and Goddaughters:
Ng Tze Wei, William, Koh Beng Poo, Anthony Teo, Ng Tze Chiew, Diana

The names of Nancy Peck husband and children matches the name of the tomb of Madam Lim Nyonya, confirming the family relationship.

Greater Bukit Brown guided trail 

The tombs in Lao Sua or Greater Bukit Brown are part of the future guided walks we plan to do or have already started in the past but to a lesser extend. Lao Sua is another large area of historical significance managed by the Hokkien Huay Kuan but subsequently sold to the Government under the land reclamation act for future development. First established after the old Tiong Bahru Cemetery was full, it was through the efforts of pioneers like Gan Eng Seng, Tan Beng Swee, Chia Ann Siang who donated money to create this cemetery cluster for purpose of burial of their immediate family and also other Chinese of the Hokkien dialect.

The stories are continuing to evolve, so do bear with the possible mistakes (if any) during the writing process of the stories. With more people in the community with better insights, i am sure more can rediscovered and the stories of the long forgotten past remembered again and piece back together bit by bit.

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