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Mr and Mrs Khoo Peck Lock and family (Bukit Brown)

Khoo Peck Lock (1889-1935) was the third son of Mr. Khoo Phee Soon, who was at one time one of the leading shipowners and rice merchants. Khoo Peck Lock was the Secretary of three big concerns run by the Ong Family, Messrs. Ong Sam Leong and Co., Messrs Ong Boon Tat and Co., New World Limited before he passed away. He was married to Madam Ong Boey Neo, daughter of Ong Sam Leong,  Khoo Peck Lock of No 46 East Coast Road, passed away on 20 September 1935 at the age of 46, leaving behind his widow, Madam Ong Boey Neo (the only surviving sister of Ong Boon Tat and Ong Peck Hock) and three daughters (Khoo Gek Choo, Khoo Gek Khee, Khoo Gek Hiok). As a mark of respect, New World Amusement Park and all it shows were closed on the 20th September 1935. 

Mr. Khoo Peck Lock
Khoo Peck Lock picture on wreath

Madam Ong Boey Neo (widow of Khoo Peck Lock) passed away at the age of 61 on 4th April 1951 ; Khoo Gek Choo (Mrs. Oh Hwee Liang), Khoo Gek Kee and Khoo Gek Hiok,  1 son, Khoo Boo Chye. 2 granddaughters, Maureen  Oh and Florence Oh, 1 son-in-law, Oh Kwee Liang, her only brother, Ong Peng Hock, 3 nephews, T.W. Ong, Ong Tiang Guan, Ong Tiang Hin and 1 niece, Ong Lim Neo. 

Madam Ong Boey Neo nee Mrs Khoo Peck Lock

Madam Khoo Gek Choo nee Mrs.Oh Kwee Liang 
Mr and Mrs Oh Quee Liang after their wedding at Mr. Ong Peng Hock's residence at 47, Marine Parade. The bride was formerly Miss Khoo Gek Choo (daughter of Mrs. Khoo Peck Lock and the late Mr. Khoo Peck Lock) and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oh Chin Sien. 
Wedding of Oh Kwee Liang and Khoo Gek Choo

Peter Oh Kwee Liang passed on 14th November 1987. He is survived by his wife, Mary Ann Khoo Gek Choo, daughters; Mauren So, Florence Oh, son; Terence Oh, son-in-law; So Huat Bing. The cortege left from 17 Jalan 21/5 Petaling Jaya. 

Peter Oh Kwee Liang

Madam Khoo Gek Kee
Miss Khoo Gek Kee (second daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Khoo Peck Lock) got engaged on 24th December 1952 to Mr. Tan Kok Peng (eldest son of the late Mr. Tan Toon Hor and Mrs. Tan Toon Hor). 

Madam Khoo Gek Hiok nee Mrs. Kho Kok Eng 
Miss Nancy Khoo Gek Hiok (3rd daughter of the late Mr. Kho Peck Lock and Mrs Khoo Peck Lock) got engaged on October 1950 to Cary Kho Kok Eng (eldest son of Mr. and Mrs Kho Lian Cheng)

Location of tomb
The tomb of Mr and Mrs Khoo Peck Lock is located nearby the cluster of Ong Sam Leong, his brothers, Ong Sam Kiat, Ong Sam Bee and Ong Sam Leong's two sons, Ong Boon Tat and Ong Peng Hock at Hill 3 Division D, plot 1126 & 1147.
Khoo Peck Lock and Ong Boey Neo
Tomb of Khoo Peck Lock and Ong Boey Neo (partially hidden by fern)


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