John Laycock (former Bidadari Cemetery)

John Laycock arrived to Singapore from England in 1920. Admitted to bar, he worked with the legal firm, Braddell Brothers. He started the law firm, Laycock and Ong and went on to be Municipal Commissioner (1927-1937) and Legislative Councilor (1948-1955). He was the European to sit on the old Legislative Council. During the Japanese Occupation, Mr. Laycock was in India and after the war ended, he help repatriate hundreds of Malayan families back to Malaya and Singapore. A founder member of the Progressive Party, he was the elected to Legislative Council on Progressive Party ticket for Katong. Mr. Laycock retired from politics in May 1955 and from his practice as a solicitor 2 years later. 

A keen horticulturist, Mr. Laycock started orchid gardens at his home at Katong and won several prizes at flower shows in Singapore and always wore a fresh orchid in his coat lapel when attending meetings. 

John Laycock 

John Laycock , M.C. passed away at the age of 73 on 3 December 1960. He has a son, Mr. Richard Laycock and 4 daughters. The cortege left his daughter's home in Swettenham Road for St. Andrew's Cathedral and Bidadari Cemetery. 

John Laycock funeral at Bidadari Cemetery 

Location of tomb 

John Laycock memorial stone is located at Bidadari Memorial Park. His remains are located in a niche in the Garden of Remembrance and lies in peace together with Alice Laycock. 

John Laycock Memorial stone at Bidadari Memorial Park

The niche of John and Alice Laycock at Garden of Remembrance



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