Seet Ghee Kim and Ee Hay Neo (Bukit Brown)

Seet Ghee Kim passed away at the age of 64 in July 1, 1931. He is survived by one son, Seet Cheng Kang and one daughter, Seet Bee Geok Neo. His wife, Madam Ee Hay Neo passed away at the age of 75  in 9 November 2603 (1943) at her residence in No 190 East Coast Road, Synonan. She is survived by one son, Seet Cheng Kang, partner of Messrs. Pacific Trader Agency and Oversea Agency, one daughter, one-daughter-in-law and nine grandchildren.
Listed on their tomb are the names of their children;
Son: Seet Cheng Kang 
Daughter: Seet Bee Geok Beo
Grandson: Seet Koe Boon, Seet Keong Huat, Seet Keong Sam
Granddaughters: Seet Lean Neo, Seet Keong Siew, Seet Keong Choo

Son: Seet Cheng Kang
Seet Cheng Kang married in 1937 to Miss Chua Swee Neo, daughter of Mr Chua Kim Teng and the late Mrs Chua Kim Teng. He was stated to be working at Rotterdam Trading Co. during the time of his marriage. Later he became a partner in Pacific Trader Agency and Oversea Agency.

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