Monday, May 12, 2014

Golden-ringed Cat Snake (Sighting in Bukit Brown)

Spotted in Bukit Brown at Hill 3 on May 11, 2014 on a log over a stream at around 10:15 am was a Golden-ringed Cat Snake ( Boiga dendrophila ) also known as a Mangrove Snake. It was calm despite human activities nearby and seem to be just basking under the shadow of the sunlight. It's distinct colors are unmistakable and what caught our eyes.

Beautiful yellow ring on black 

close up of the Golden-ringed Cat snake

Spot the Golden-ringed cat snake 
Reading up a bit about this snake, they have a vertical slit-like pupils which looks like cat's eyes, hence probably its name. The snakes are said to be only mildly venomous to humans and feed largely on a diet of birds, lizards, frogs and are known to be good swimmers. They grow up to about 2.5 meters and are usually active at night and habitat is in forested areas near to streams.


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