Tan Bin Cheng (Bukit Brown)

Tan Bin Cheng comes from an established Straits Settlement family. He is the son of Tan Swee Lim and grandson of Tan Tock Seng. Tan Bin Cheng is also related to Mr. Tan Chay Yan, a Malacca millionaire.Tan Bin Cheng was a committee member of the Penang Rubber Exchange and owned many landed property and buildings. His residence after his retirement in No 57 Hill Street.

In November 1921, a few months before he died, Tan Bin Cheng gave the power of attorney to two of his sons, Tan Hong Tee and Tan Hong Tian.
Tan Bin Cheng
source: NewspaperSG
Mr. Tan Bin Cheng died on  May 22, 1922 at his residence in No. 29 Killiney Road and is one the first few people to be buried in Bukit Brown when it first opened. He is survived by a widow (Madam Chua Geok Im Neo) and 3 sons. (Tan Hong Tian, Tan Hong Tee, Tan Hong Poh). An interesting note was that in 1904, he applied to the Municipal for licenses for new graves at his land in Alexandra Road before it was refused as no further grave license were granted for land there. Tan Bin Cheng is buried in Hill 1 Section A, plot no 35, one of earliest burials in Bukit Brown.

Madam Chua Geok Im Neo passed away at the age of 86 years in 1946.
Tan Bin Cheng's restored tomb
Sikh guards of Tan Bin Cheng
Estate of Tan Bin Cheng (source: NewspaperSG)
Father: Tan Swee Lim 
Tan Swee Lim is one of the sons of Mr. Tan Tock Seng. Another of Tan Tock Seng son is Tan Kim Ching who is also buried in Bukit Brown.  During Tan Kim Cheng's absence in 1872, it was reported that Tan Swee Lim was acting Siamese Counsel. Tan Swee Lim passed away in 1885.
Mrs Tan Swee Lim died at her residence at 57 Hill Street on April 13, 1908.
Tan Swee Lim 
Tan Swee Lim's and Tan Bin Cheng's tomb was recently restored by their descendants and place upright again. It is located in a cluster of what is suspected to be related to the Tan cluster and next to Tan Boo Liat (grandson of Tan Kim Ching) at Hill 3.

Son: Tan Hong Poh
Mr Tan Hong Poh, second son of Tan Bin Cheng married Miss Wee Li Lian, eldest daughter of Mr. Wee Theam Tew on December 8, 1907.

Son: Tan Hong Beng
Mr. Tan Hong Beng, third son of Tan Bin Cheng passed away on June 8, 1920 at No 29 Killiney Road

Fortunately for Tan Bin Cheng's tomb, it lies outside of the 8 lane highway.

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