Tan Toon Cheng and family (Bukit Brown)

This simple marble tomb in Hill 3 Block D, plot 472 is the tomb of Tan Toon Cheng or in most newspaper articles, Dr. Tan Toon Cheng. He passed away on 30th April 1935 at the age of 47. Listed on the tomb are his sons: Tan Kok Soon, Tan Kok Ann and daughters;  Tan Swee Chin, Tan Swee Tian, Tan Swee Lian, Tan Swee Kiang.

Tan Toon Cheng (who is the son of Tan Joo Guan ) studied in Raffles Institution. In January 1911, Tan Toon Cheng was one of the medical student of the Straits and F.M.S. Government Medical School that passed the final examinations and received the diploma that entitles him to practice medicine. Dr. Tan Toon Cheng married Miss L. G. Ei (niece of Dr. Lim Boon Keng ) in 1911.

Tan Toon Cheng
Tan Toon Cheng 

The King Edward VII College of Medicine Alumni and Singapore Medical Practioners paid tribute to the late Dr. Tan Toon Cheng during their respective meetings in 1935.

Son: Tan Kok Soon 
Mr. Tan Kok Soon (eldest son of the Mrs. Tan Toon Seng and the late Dr. Tan Toon Cheng) to Miss Chee Kiong Lee (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chee Guan Chiang and grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs Chee Swee Cheng). The ceremony took place at 119 Heeren Road, Malacca in 1938. Mr. Chee Swee Cheng is a prominent Malacca resident having directorship in many business including Atlas Ice Company and Overseas Chinese Banking Cooperation.

Tan Kok Soon passed away on 25 August 1996 and is survived by his wife Chee Keong Lee, son: Dr. Tan Choon Kim, daughter-in-law; Elsie Ong Lei Tin, grandson: Dr. Colin Tan Boon Chwee. Also listed are her sisters: Annie Tan, Lucy Tan , a brother-in-law, George Song and sister-in-law: Chyrisse Yap.  Madam Chee Keong Lee passed away on 23 December 2005 at the age of 90.

Daughter: Tan Swee Chin
Miss Tan Swee Chin (eldest daughter of the late Dr. Tan Toon Cheng and grandniece of Dr. Lim Boon Keng, O.B.E. ) engaged to Mr. Chua Biow Liat (only son of Mr. and Mrs. Chua Lip Kok and nephew of Mrs. Tan Chay Yan) in 1935. The marriage will take place in Singapore on December 21, 1935.


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