Dr. Lye Hong Cheong and Evelyn Ng Foong Lin (St. Michael's Church Ipoh Cemetery)

Dr. Lye Hong Cheong is a graduate of King Edward VII College of Medicine (1926- 1929). He worked at the District Hospital, Penang (1930) before eventually starting his own Dispensary in Brewster Road, Ipoh. Dr. Lye Hong Cheong (of General Hospital) married Ng Foong Lin (youngest daughter of the late Mr. Ng Lean Heng and Mrs. Ng Lean Heng) in Penang in  1930. Dr. Lye Hong Cheong is the son of the late Mr. Lye Yeok Lum and Mrs. Lye Yeok Lum. 

Dr. Lye Hong Cheong and Evelyn Ng Foong Lin

Dr. Lye Hong Cheong  (born 27 October 1904 died 4 January 1969)
Evelyn Ng Foong Lin,  (born 27 December 1911 - 1 September 1996)

Dr. Lye Hong Cheong and Evelyn Ng Foong Lin


Committee of Management of Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital 

Drs. Teh Lean Swee , Kok Ho Teik, Tham Ying Khew, Goh Teik Wah , Lip Seng Chiew, C.L. Lo, E.C. Lim and Lye Hong Cheong were mentioned to be in the committee in 1948 when the Hospital was occupying the old building in Chamberlain Road before moving back the new Hospital in Kampar Road. (The hospital then was leased to the Military until end 1948). 

Gun gang robs doctor and wife of $30 in clinic

In 20 February 1967 it was reported that 3 youths, 1 of them armed with a gun walked into a clinic in Brewster Road and robbed Dr. Lye Hong Cheong and his wife of $30. The hold up was over less than 5 minutes. 


From the FamilySearch website, someone as detailed his family tree in detail. 
Parents: Lye Yook Lam (1863-1926), Chow Lai Hoy (1867-1950)
Brothers and Sisters: Lye Thye Cheong (1895-1942), Lye Sye Cheong (1896-1946), Lye Kin Cheong (1900-?), Lye Hong Cheong (1904-1969), Lye Yuen Cheong (1906-?), Lye Ngan Foon (1908-?), Lye Ngan Peng (1916- ?), Lye Ngan On (1918 -?)
George Lee Yoke Foo (1929-2002)
Danny Lye Toong Lee (6 July 1932-15 February 1998)
Jackie Paul Lye Toong Yek (3 December 1934-25 February 1946)
Lye Yoke May ? (7 Jan 1959  - ? )

Account from Professor William Lye, OAM ( 2017's Barrister of the Year during Lawyers Weekly Australia Law Awards) in Western Michigan University - Cooley Law School blog gives a bit more insight oh the family as well; 
“My great grandfather settled in Malaysia in the early 1800s.  One of the amazing things I recently learnt is that my grandfather Lye Sye Cheong’s brother, Dr. Lye Hong Cheong, was married to Ng Foong Lin,  the niece of Dr. Wu Lien Teh (伍連德) the first medical student of Chinese descent to study at the University of Cambridge and the first Malaysian nominated to receive a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1935.  Dr. Wu Lien Teh is regarded as the first person to modernize China’s medicine services and medical education.”

Danny Lye Toong Lee 

[research on-going]

Location of tomb

St. Michael's Catholic Church Ipoh Cemetery


Hong Cheong Lye (27 October 1904 -4 January 1969). (website). Family Search


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