William J.B. Ashby (St. Michael's Church Ipoh Cemetery)

William J.B. Ashby / W.J.B. Ashby was the Secretary of the Kinta Sanitary Board and leader of the Eurasian community in Perak. Born in Penang on 28 June 1871, he was the only child of William Ashby, a European Inspector of the Straits Settlement Police.  William J.B. Ashby entered the Perak Government Service in 1891 and retired on 28 June 1926 when holding the post of Secretary, Kinta Sanitary Board. He was awarded the Malayan Certificate of Honour (M.C.H) in 1928 and appointed a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Perak in 1933. He was the Ipoh Club Secretary from 1928-1935 and was the the President of the Ipoh Rotary Club in 1931 and 1932. He served as an unofficial member of the Kinta Sanitary Board from 1931 until his time of death. 

Mr. Ashby's other activities included Member of the Licensing Board since 1927, Visiting Justice to the Kinta Prisons, committee member of the Prisoners' Aid Society and Ratepayers' Association and President of the Catholic Action Society. He was elected a life member of the Ipoh Club in 1935 and was the organiser of the Perak Eurasian platoon of the Volunteer Force.

William J.B. Ashby  / W.J.B. Ashby of Ipoh
William J.B. Ashby  / W.J.B. Ashby 

Pope Honours Ipoh Resident

His Holiness the Pope has conferred on Mr. W.J.B. Ashby, M.C.H., J.P., of Ipoh the Bene Merenti Medal for services rendered to the Church for half a century. The presentation is to be made by the Rev. Father Francois, parish priest of St. Michael's Church after the Benediction service on Easter Sunday. 

Ashby Road 

Ashby Road was the main road fronting Anderson School and the Government Hospital (later Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital). It was renamed to Jalan Hospital before it was renamed again after Raja Ashman Shah, the former Raja Kechil Sulong of Perak in 2012.


William .J.B Ashby passed away at the age of 68 on 22 May 1939 at the Ipoh Hospital. He leaves behind 3 daughters, 4 sons and a widow.  Last rites was conducted Rev. Father Francois. You can find his tomb at St. Michael's Catholic Church Ipoh Cemetery grounds.  

William J.B. Ashby and Charlotte Mary Ashby of Ipoh 


There was a article  on 27 February 1922 where contributors of the Princess Mary Wedding Gift Fund was listed as a group from Ipoh and their names were; William Ashby, Charlotte Ashby, Eileen Ashby, Eric Ashby, Cecil Ashby, Mary Ashby, Winnie Ashby, Hubert Ashby, Florrie Ashby, Jack Ashby.  (later articles will prove the family relationship). 

Mother: Euphemia Ashby 
Euphemia Ashby (widow of the late William Ashby, Inspector, Straits Settlements Police and mother of Mr. W.J.B. Ashby, Secretary, Kinta Sanitary Board), passed away on 19 January 1922 at the age of 73. 

Wife: Charlotte Mary Ashby 
Charlotte Mary Ashby was born in Penang on 16 February 1874 and passed away at Ipoh on 28 February 1941. Mrs. Ashby was 67 years old when she passed away at her residence at No. 47 Gopeng Road. She leaves behind 4 sons and 3 sons. The funeral took place at 5 p.m. 1 March 1941 at the Church of St. Michael, Brewster Road, Ipoh. 

Daughter: Eileen Charlotte Ashby 
The marriage was solemnised at the Church of  St. Michael, Ipoh in September 1923, the Rev. Father Coppin officiating, of Mr. George Stanislaus Mathews and Miss Eileen Charlotte Ashby. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. W.J.B Asbhy. She was given away by her father, while the bridesmaids were Misses May, Florrie and Winnie Ashby, the sisters of the bride. The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Cecil Ashby, the brides brother. 

George Stanislaus Mathews passed away at the age of 64  in 1959 at Wimbledon, England. He leaves a widow, formerly Eileen Ashby of Ipoh, a daughter, Doreen a son-in-law and a grandchild. He taught for 30 years in the Government School, Batu Gajah. During the war, he was imprisoned by the Japanese for operating a radio. He was the eldest son of late Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mathews of Batu Gajah. 

Daughter: May Ashby
Miss May Ashby passed away on 28 August 1933 after 6 months of illness. She was a supervisor of Telephone Exchange, Ipoh. Father Fourgs conducted the last rites at the graveside. 

Son: Cecil Ashby
A serious accident that led to the death of the Boyanese driver and injuries to Mr. Ashby (second son of the secretary of the Kinta Sanitary Board ) occurred at Kampar on March 1925. The car in avoiding a bullock cart, went down a steep embankment and turned turtle. In an inquest a month later, the corner's verdict was death by misadventure. He added that the blame attaches to Cecil Ashby who was driving recklessly and without a driver's license. Mr. Ashby was charged with driving without a license. He pleaded guilty and was fined $25. The charge of reckless driving was dismissed. 

Son: Hubert D. Ashby  / H.D. Ashby 
Mr. Hubert Denis Ashby (third son of Mr. and Mrs. W.J.B Ashby of Ipoh) settled down in England. He married in 1936, Miss Florence Selina Hand (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hand (36 Hockham Street, King's Lynn) at the Catholic Church, King's Lynn.  Mr. H.S. Ashby is an accountant practising at Whittlesey

Son: Geoffrey Emile "Jack" Ashby
Geoffrey Emile "Jack" Ashby (fourth son of the late Mr. W.j.B. Ashby and Mrs. Ashby) was married to Miss Mildred  Pavanaris (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Pavanaris) at St. Michael's Church on 10 September 1940. The Rev. Father Francois officiated. 

Tomb Mason

The tomb Mason of the beautiful marble tomb in the shape of an open book is Swee Seng of 16 Belfield Street Ipoh 

Variant Names
In Geni.com, William J.B. Ashby refers to William John Barnet Ashby
In Wikipedia, William J.B. Ashby refers to him as William John Bernard Ashby

In Geni.com, the person managing the record has managed to detail very clearly the full names of William and Charlotte children and his parents, William Gibbons Ashby and Euphemia Mary)
William John Barnet Ashby (also known as William J.B. Ashby)
Wife: Charlotte Mary Dragon 
Children: Eileen Charlotte Ashby, Cecil William Ashby, Eric Charles Ashby, May Ashby, Florrie Ashby, Winnie Ashby, Hubert D. Ashby, Jack Ashby

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