Mrs. Cheong Koon Seng nee Wee Poh Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Wee Poh Neo passed away at the age of 58 on 2 April 1942. Listed on her tomb are the names of her children;
Sons: Cheong Hock Guan, Cheong Hock Hoe 
Daughters: Cheong Keong Tee, Cheong Keong Heok

The name of the children matches the children of Cheong Koon Seng. It is very likely that Madam Wee Poh Neo is one of the wife of Cheong Koon Seng.

Daughter: Cheong Keong Tee
The engagement was announced on 15 October 1936 between Mr. Ang Kim Sye of the Bankruptcy Office, Singapore ( sixth son of the late Mr. Ang Seah Im and Mrs. Ang Seah Im) and Miss Cheong Keong Tee (second daughter of the late Mr. Cheong Koong Seng and Mrs. Cheong Koon Seng).  However on 8 January 1937, Miss Cheong keong Tee announced that the engagement was cancelled. 

Location of tomb 

Block 5, Section E, plot 248 


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