Tjoa Tjeng Hin (Bukit Brown)

 Tjoa Tjeng Hin passed away at the age of 74 on 2 April 1942. He is the father of Tjoa Goan Kiat. 

Son: Tjoa Goan Kiat  / T.G. Kiat  (unconfirmed guess)
Unfortunately with little leads, i can only make guesses for now. The possible lead i have for now is his son, Tjoa Goan Kiat whose unique name appears on the tomb of Tjoa Tjeng Hin. Searching newspaper archives, the names matches with the time period but without a family tree match (or insides from the descendants) i am still making a educated guess. 

If my guess is correct, Tjoan Goan Kiat or T.G. Kiat was the managing director of T.G. Kiat Ltd. T.G. Kiat Ltd are producers of the Rose brand syrup which are sold not only in Singapore and throughout the Federation of Malaya, but also to many countries as well. The company was started in 1935 by Mr. Tjoa Goan Kiat with a capital of $16. He not only sold Rose brand syrup but also other products which included sweet Java ketchup, flavouring essences for local aerated water and sweet manufactures and liquid soapless shampoo. His company are also the Colony's biggest importer of the aromatic chemicals and cosmetic ingredients which are supplied to Malayan manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumery. 

A notice appeared on 7 May 1947 announcing that Tjoa Goan Kiat of No. 766 and 768 North Bridge Road, Singapore applying to the Governor for naturalisation. Tjoa Goan Kiat and his wife were born in Indonesia and settled down in Singapore bringing with them a recipe for syrup that is popular and known till today. 

Tjoa Goan Kiat (managing director of T.G. Kiat Ltd and Mr. Yeo Hock Leong (general manager) were also mentioned in a 1960 article to have gone on tour to Britain, Holland, Switzerland, West Germany, France, Italy and Denmark to promote Malayan canned foodstuffs which include tinned chicken, mutton curry, rambutans, coconut egg jam, papaya jam durian jam, spices and prawn paste whom foodstuffs are canned by the United Canned Food Co. of Penang for whom T.G Kiat are agents. 

Tjoa Goan Kiat / G. K. Tjoa

Rose Brand Syrup - T.G. Kiat Ltd

Location of tomb

Block 5 Section E, plot 246



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