Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Benches in Bukit Brown

I sat on a stone bench
to rest my tired feet
and contemplate my mortal being 
and pray that when the final day comes
that redemption and resurrection is never far.

Benches in Bukit Brown is the theme of my article. When you pay a visit to Bukit Brown, you should be able to catch sight of at least one or more tomb with benches or seat's. I can imagine the families of the dearly departed requesting the tomb makers to cater seats /benches so that when the family regularly visit and pay respects, they will have a place to gather, seat, rest and share stories.

I believe that during this family gathering, the dearly departed was remembered and that his or/and her deeds be shared with their grandchildren or great grandchildren who may not even met their deceased grand or great grandparents when they were alive. For the living elder of the family, it is a place where they can rest their weary feet and contemplate their own mortality as well as relive in the minds the memory of their love one or parents and also think of the future reunion, where they will reunited in the kingdom of heaven. 

Be it to rest and contemplate or a place of social and family gathering, the benches or seats in Bukit Brown to me are a great representation of a community, heritage and nature space, some forgotten over time but others still in use by their descendants who visit till this day. 

Hill 4 Section C- Ang Kok Kian

Hill 5-  A donated bench 

Hill 1

Hill 5 - Tay Koh Yat 

Hill 5- tomb of Wee Sian Kah

Hill 2 - tomb of Tok Cheng Tuan 

Hill 2 - tomb of Lee Kim Soo 

Hill 4 Section A - Wong Chin Yoke and Circus cluster

Hill 4 Section A

Hill 4 - Circus cluster 

Tomb of 2 woman in Lao Sua
A tomb in Lao Sua

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