Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Khor Guan Eang (Bukit Brown)

Khor Guan Eang was a partner in Chop Ho Seng & Co at No 28, River Valley Road until he sold off his partnership in 1915 to a Mr. Sim Tock Seng.

Property Purchase 
Mr Khor Guan Eang bought a freehold land off Upper Serangoon Road (19 acres in size) that also has a Bungalow on it for a princely sum of $10,000 in 1922.

Mr Khor Guan Eang passed away on November 3, 1936 at the age of 58. His son is Khor Yong Yam.
Mrs. Khor Guan Eang passed away on May 13, 1957 at  No 489 East Coast Road. She is survived by son, Khor Yong Yan / Khor Yong Yam and daughter, Khor Im Tan ( Mrs Chia Ju Siang / Mrs Chia Jia Sieng).

Miss Khor Im Tan engaged Mr Chia Jia Sieng, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Chai Shee Chao of Pulau Tekong in 1939. At that time, Mrs Khor Guan Eang was listed to be staying in 45 Niven Road.

Khor Guan Eang 

Mr and Mrs Khor Guan Eang 

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