Thio Sioe Kiat (Bukit Brown)

Thio Sioe Kiat
Thio Sioe Kiat was born in Batavia and began work in his brother's firm,  Chop Hock Seng (Messrs. Hock Seng & Co) steamship agents,tin mine owners and general merchants. Established in Singapore, they have interests in tin mining and gambier and pepper planting in Banca, Netherland Indies. (Banka Island off Sumatra, Indonesia). They also owned a 600 ton steamer called Governor-General Myer which carries both passenger and cargo from Singapore, Muntok and Palembang. He then ventured into his own business. He was granted a certificate of naturalisation by the Governor as a British subject in 1910.

He also owned shares in The Overseas-Chinese Bank. However, in the slump of 1920-1921, he became a bankrupt having lost all his property and had to fold down in 3 firms. In one of his transactions he lost a princely sum of $40,000.
Mr and Mrs Thio Sioe Kiat

Thio Sioe Kiat died at the age of 84 on September 23, 1931. His wife, Tgie Hong Neo died at the age of 80  on October 2, 1927. Their peg numbers are 2315 and 2316 and affected by the 8 lane highway. His son is Thio Kek Boo, his daughter Thio Soon Neo. Listed on the tomb is also 1 granddaughter, Tan Hong Neo.

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  1. Actually he was a 'pandhouder' in Batavia. Someone who owned a pawnshop. Before moved to Singapore.
    Is it true that Thio Kek Boo was a footbal player ?

  2. Oh BTW, Lim A Pat, who was the Lieutenant from Bangka (Mentok) was his son in law, as Lim A Pat's wife was named Thio Iet Nio.

  3. @steve haryono hey Steve am agree with you, i also believe Thio Kek Boo a former international player . do you know anything about Indonesia soccer history ? thanks

  4. Thio Kek Boo, aka Zhang Kewu:


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