Chia Hock Chwee (Bukit Brown)

My research on the "story" of how Mr. Lim Chong Pang married a fisherman's daughter led me to Mr Chia Hock Chwee. There was a story that Mr Lim Chong Pang and some of his family members while trying to escape in a ship from Singapore just before the fall of Singapore in 1942, that ship was hit by Japanese bombs from planes and sunk. The story goes that he was rescued by fisherman and out of gratitude to this fisherman, he married the fisherman's daughter.The fact was that he did not marry the fisherman (Mr Tay Ah Soey) daughter. The part that holds truth to this story other than the ship indeed was sunk- he did marry Mr Chia Hock Chwee's (a fisherman by profession) daughter, Chia Meow Moey in 1944.
Chia Hock Chwee

Although born and educated in Raffles Institution up to Standard VII, Chia Hock Chwee declined a clerical job (which paid very well in those days) and decided to be a fisherman. From 1912, right up to 1948, this was his chosen profession and probably he owned a fleet of it. When he retired, he led a secluded life.


Chia Hock Chwee died in his residence in 177-44, West Hill Road, (13 1/2 mile) Seletar  at the age of 62 on September 13, 1956. He is buried in Block V, Section B, plot 152. Many Tamils and Tamil organisations sent wreaths and messages on the occasion of the funeral. This is because his sons, just like his son-in-law,  Lim Chong Pang were involved in film industry. He is survived by his wife, 2 sons (Chia Soon Ann, Chia Soon Hai), 5 daughters, 2 son-in-law, 2 daughter-in-law and 21 grandchildren. His eldest son, Mr. Chia Soon Ann is associated with the South East Asia Company and is a regular visitor to India and has numerous Indian friends. Chia Soon Ann's brother-in-law is the late Mr Lim Chong Pang who passed away in July. His wife, Madam Chew Ah Boo passed away on November 17, 1965 at the age of 73.
Fresh flowers for Mr and Mrs Chia Hock Chwee
(descendants still visiting)

Tomb of Mr and Mrs Chia Hock Chwee
Block V, Section B plot 152


Daughter: Chia Meow Moey (Moya) / Mrs Lim Chong Pang
In October 17, 1944, Lim Chong Pang married Miss Chia Meow Moey (Moya), second daughter of Mr and Mrs Chia Hock Chwee of Syonan  (Singapore during Japanese occupation). On August 9, 2605 (1945), Mrs Lim Chong Pang nee Moya Chia Meow Moey gave birth to a baby girl, Moileen Lim Seok Lin.There used to be a road in Chong Pang area named after his father-in-law, Hock Chwee Road.
Chia Meow Moey ( 2nd daughter)
married to Lim Chong Pang 

Marriage certificate between Lim Chong Pang and Chia Meow Moey

Son: Mr Chia Soon Ann
Mr Chia Soon Ann (eldest son of Mr Chia Hock Chwee) is the manager of Garrick Theatre and South East Asia Film Company. Like his brother-in-law, Lim Chong Pang, he is a horse racing lover and member of the Singapore Turf Club Election Committee. He passed away at the age of 72 on May 27, 1987.
Lim Chong Pang, his son Lim Eng Kwan and Chia Soon Ann
Chia Soon Ann

Son: Mr Chia Soon Hai
Mr. Chia Soon Hai (second son of Mr Chia Hock Chwee) married Miss Quek Siew Yong on October 19, 1949. Chia Soon Hai is the manager of Sultan Theatre.

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