Mrs. Ong Chin Beng nee Madam Mabel Tan (Bukit Brown)

Mrs. Ong Chin Beng nee Mabel Tan passed away at the General Hospital after a long spell of typhoid illness. She was 28 and is survived by her husband and 3 children. The cortege left from No B Lorong 37, Geylang for Bukit Brown. 

Her tomb is overgrown and after some clean up, we can see the following from her tomb; 
In Loving Memory
Mrs. C.B. Ong nee Mabel Tan who died on 19/12/1935
at the age of 28
Chiloren:- Alice Ong, Charlie Ong and Cwennie Ong.

What is of course obvious other than the marble headstone is all in English, is the cross on her tomb. Christian tombs in Bukit Brown are rare as although Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery is a cemetery for chinese of various dialect groups but it is not known to be a cemetery of the Christian faith. Christians are usually buried in Bidadari Cemetery. That being said, i have a few tombs with cross on the tomb in Bukit Brown. Another thing you can spot is the headstone is at the back of the rectangle tomb and there is an obvious spelling error for the word "chiloren" and i am not sure if the third child name, "Cwennie" is spelt correctly. 

This article was posted on 19 December 2022,  87 years after Mrs. Ong Chin Beng nee Mabel Tan death anniversary. Hopefully her descendants will one day remember and come visit. 

Mabel Tan  ( Mrs. C.B. Ong)

Who is Ong Chin Beng ? In the newspapers there is an Ong Chin Beng (a promoter of  New World who arranges boxing matches) and one who is a boxer too and another who is a dirt track racer. So at the moment i am not sure. I will update if i get more details. 

Location of tomb 

Block 4 Section A, plot 46

Headstone of Mrs. C.B. Ong nee Mabel Tan



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  2. Tan Yew Chay is Mabel's father. Ong Chin Beng's father is Ong Yew Inn,yew,daughter&oref=article

  3. Ong Chin Beng was stated as a retired boxer at the time of his marriage:,yew,inn&oref=article

  4. Full name: Mabel TAN Siew Neo, eldest daughter:,tan&oref=article


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