Cho Beng Watt (Bukit Brown)

The headstone of Cho Beng Watt was made of marble and when i found it was broken in 3 pieces. Piecing it together and lying it flat on the altar table it reads;  

In loving memory
Cho Beng Watt
Age 30 Years Old
Died on 23rd May 1941
Son of 
Cho Pek Lim

Cho Beng Watt

The Mayflower Musical and Dramatic Association had their music practice at Mr. Cho Beng Watt's residence, 13 Tong Watt Road on 22 October 1931. However, post 1931 onwards, that unit number was more associated with Mr. Tan Cheng Kang. I could not find any more information on Cho Beng Watt after 1931. 

His mother tomb are in Lao Sua and was documented by Raymond Goh's blog on Cho Pek Lim and Tan Beow Neo. The children listed on the tomb includes;
Son: Cho Beng Whatt, Cho Beng Chye
Daughter: Cho Kim Neo, Cho Chwee Neo 

Location of tomb 

Cho Beng Watt is buried in Block 5 Section A, plot 48. In the burial registry entry his name was written as Cho Beng Huat.

Tomb of Cho Beng Watt



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