Miss Song Choo Neo (Bukit Brown)

 When i have time, i revisit the Bukit Brown Documentation Website which documents tombs which are affected by the highway and no longer exist and reminisce on who they were and what were their stories, knowing that many remain undocumented despite efforts and in this case, i may not have the photo of this tomb. 

One of the tombs i revisited was the tomb of Miss Song Choo Neo, sister of Mr. Song Tian Choe and Mr. Song Tian Swee

The headstone reads;
In loving Memory  
of the late
Miss Song Choo Neo 
Aged 14 died 26th September 1923
Beloved Sister
Mr. Song Tian Choe 
Mr. Song Tian Swee 

Miss Song Choo Neo (source: Bukit Brown Documentation Project)

The possible unconfirmed link information i have is on her brother, Mr. Song Tian Choe whose tomb is still in Bukit Brown. 





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