Wee Guat Choo Neo (Bukit Brown)

Mrs. Lim Peng Siang nee Madam Wee Guat Choo is the daughter of Wee Boon Teck and granddaughter of Wee Bin. Madam Wee Guat Choo Neo passed away at the age of 77 on 28 September 28, 1950 at her residence, 11 Palm Road, Siglap. 

Wee Guat Choo Neo 


She is survived by: 
6 sons: Lim Seow Kiew, Lim Seow Eng, Lim Seow Chuan, Lim Seok Hock, Lim Seow Peng and Lim Seow Beng. 
3 daughters:  Lim Siew Leng (Mrs. Chua Chow Teck), Lim Siew Khim (Mrs. Chia Poh Koon) Lim Siew Kheng (Mrs. Teo Thian Lye). 
Grandsons: Lim Kian An, Lim Kian Hwa, Lim Kian Huat, Lim Kian Han 
Granddaughters: Lim Lay Hwa, Lim Aye Hwa, Lim Kheng Hwa, Lim Bee Hwa 

Son: Lim Seow Kiew 
Lim Seow Kiew was the General Manager and Director of the Ho Hong Company during the time when his father, Mr. Lim Peng Siang was the Managing Director. In 1924, Lim Seow Kiew left for Hong Kong to manage the Hong Kong Branch of Ho Hong Bank and was away for 6 months.  

Son: Lim Seow Eng 
Mabel Tay Kheng Gian, wife of Lim Seow Eng passed away at age of 38 at 16 Fernhill Road on 23 July 1941, leaving behind 2 sons and 3 daughters. 

Location of tomb

Madam Wee Guat Choo Neo is buried in Hill 3 Division B, plot 51
The tomb has seen better days and is slowly getting overgrown compared to pictures of it in the past. 

Wee Guat Choo Neo's tomb (2014)

Wee Guat Choo Neo (2021)

Wee Guat Choo Neo tomb in May 2023 (after we clean up)



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