Madam Teo Watt Neo (Bukit Brown)

When i have time, i revisit the Bukit Brown Documentation Website which documents tombs which are affected by the highway and no longer exist and reminisce on who they were and what were their stories, knowing that many remain undocumented despite efforts and in this case, i may not have the photo of this tomb. One of the tombs i revisited was the tomb of Madam Teo Watt Neo. 

Madam Teo Watt Neo passed away at No. 402 Orchard Road on 7 May 1928 the age of 73. She is the mother of Lee Seng Choon and grand-aunt of Mesdames Lim Choo Keng, Song Ong Siang, Kiong Ching Eng and Tan Soo Bin and of Miss D. Yeo.  

Connections: I believe D. Yeo is Dolly Yeo Lim Neo. Dolly Yeo is the youngest sister of Yeo Hee Neo (Mrs. Tan Soo Bin) and Yee Heo Neo (Mrs. Song Ong Siang) and Mrs. Kiong Ching Eng (Yeo Bin Neo). 

Teo Watt Neo (source: Bukit Brown Documentation Project




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