Madam Chan Meow Lung nee Mrs. Ng Whye Soot (Bukit Brown)

The teochew tomb of Madam Chan Meow Lung is interesting because the words are etched on steel plates that have stood the test of time and has not rusted away despite been outdoors and exposed to the elements for over 86 years. I also don't often see it as a material being used on tombs as well. 

It reads;
Madam Chan Meow Lung
Final Rest on 12th August 1935

On the tomb shoulder are the names of her children also etched on steel plate;
Sons: Ng Yang Mok, Ng Yang Choon
Daughter: Ng Ah Niok
Granddaughter:  Ng Fua Lek, Ng Gee Lek

Fortunately from the burial records, i found out that Madam Chan Meow Lung husband was Mr. Ng Whye Soot and that she was 53 years old when she passed away.  

Location of tomb

Madam Chan Meow Lung nee Mrs. Ng Whye Soot tomb is located at Blok 3 Division D, plot 235. 



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