Mrs. E. Chong Choon nee Tan Geok Bee (Bukit Brown)

Mrs. E. Chong Choon nee Madam Tan Geok Bee passed away at the age of 75 at No. 79 Clemenceau Avenue on 29 September 1939. From her obituary notice, she is survived by her 5 sons - E. Faan Kee, E. Toon Hee, E. Sip Hee, E. Chan Hee and E. Yam Hee,
3 daughters - Mrs. Ching Hong Cheng, Mrs. Tan Yan Cheng and Miss E. Put Neo and 6 grandchildren.
From her tomb the names of her children are as follows;

Son: E. Faan Kee, E. Toon Hee, E. Sip Hee, E. Chan Hee, E. Yam Hee
Daughter: E. Poon Neo, E. Kim Neo, E. Put Neo, 
Grandson: E. Heng Lee
Granddaughter: E. Kam Yoke

Mr. E. Chong Choo was a chief clerk of the Police Courts / District Court. There was mention in papers of 24 July 1911 that his wife passed away and was buried at the Kheh burial ground (6th milestone, Bukit Timah Road). When did E. Chong Choo died (i suspect he died around 1922) and where was he buried still remains a mystery to me for now. 

The executors of the Estate of the late Tan Geok Bee was E. Faan Kee and E. Toon Hee 

Tan Geok Bee

Son: E. Faan Kee 
In January 1914, Mr. E. Faan Kee, (eldest son of E. Chong Choo, late chief clerk of the District Court and nephew of Mr. Cheng Keng Lee, M.C.)  married to the eldest daughter of Mr. Tan Teong Yan of New Bridge Road. The ceremonies were performed according to Chinese rites. In Bukit Brown, Block 3 Section B, plot 245, there is a tomb of Mrs. E. Faan Kee. Madam Koh Eng Neo nee Mrs. E. Fann Kee Neo passed away at the age of 42 at her residence, No. 17-A, Joo Chiat Terrace on 1 April 1932 (This means that E. Fann Kee has more than 1 wife).

Son: E. Toon Hee
E. Toon Hee passed away on 6 January 1946. The sole executor of his estate was his brother, E. Faan Kee (No. 519 East Coast Road)

Son: E. Sip Hee 
The only information i can find (so far) about E. Sip Hee is that he was a part of the Old St. Joseph's Old Boys playing a friendly game of soccer.  

Son: E. Chan Hee
The only information i can find (so far) about E. Chan Hee is that he is part of the Aston Athletic Club playing soccer (1924). 

Location of tomb 

Madam Tan Geok Bee tomb is buried in Block 3, Section D, plot 242

Mrs. E. Chong Choon nee Madam Tan Geok Bee




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