Siow Siew Siong (Bukit Brown)

Siow Siew Siong / Seow Siew Siong passed away at the age of 37 on 25 July 1925. He is survived by;
1 son: Siow Chin Puay
Daughters; Siow Siok Kim, Siow Siok Cheow, Siow Siok Chee, Siow Siok Lee, Siow Siok Hay

Seow Siew Seong / Siow Siew Siong
(photo courtesy of Gavin Koh) 

From, Siow Siew Seong  is the son of Seow Cheng Lim and Ang Chit Hak Neo and brother of Siow Poh Neo and Seow Siew Peng. 

Daughter: Siow Seok Kim / Mrs. Cheang Theam Kee
The engagement took place in April 1932 between Mr. Chiang Thiam Kee (second son of Mr. and Mrs. Chiang Jim Chuan) to Miss Siow Seok Kim (second daughter of the late Mr. Siow Siew Siong and Mrs. Siow Siew Siong)

Daughter: Seow Seok Cheow Neo
The marriage of Miss Seow Seok Cheow Neo (third daughter of the late Mr. Seow Siew Seong and Mrs. Seow Siew Seong of Highland Road and sister-in-law of Messrs. Tham Tye Lock and Cheang Theam Kee) to Mr. Cheang Seng Kee (only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cheang Koh Eng , adopted son of Mr. & Mrs. Cheang Cheng Lim). Wedding take place on 17 September 1939.

Variant Names
Siow Siew Siong also refers to Seow Siew Seong / Seow Siew Siong
Cheang Theam Kee also refers to Chiang Thiam Kee

[research on-going]

Location of tomb 

Blk 1F plot 189

Siow Siew Siong / Seow Siew Seong



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