Ong Guat Kiam alias Darling (Bukit Brown)

The tomb of Madam Ong Guat Kiam is a simple but nevertheless unique as it written in English, list down her alias or affectionate name; "Darling" and the calendar follows the Japanese Koki Calendar (Year 2602 refers to 1942). It reads;

In loving memory
Madam Ong Guat Kiam
(Alias Darling)
Aged 38 Years
Died 38 Years
Died 1-8-2602
Loh Sow Eng
Loh Sow Im
Ong Ah Chwee

Madam Ong Guat Kiam alias Darling 

Unfortunately, i have no more leads or details about Madam Ong Guat Kiam and her family for now. 

Location of tomb

Block 1 Section B, plot P111



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