Bonny Grass (Images from the Past)

The family home of Ong Tiang Soon in 100 River Valley Road (later 12 Kim Yam Road) was well documented and from the images below, one can get a sense of its grandeur, starting with the plans by Ong Ewe Hai in 1889, to the plans for Ong Tiang Soon, 1908 and 1910 (revised) by architect, Chua Chang Kiat. The building was demolished and in its place currently is the Pacific Mansion Condominium (8 River Valley Cl, Singapore 238432), sits in its place. 

Front Elevation of "Bonny Grass"

1899 plan (source: National Archives)

1908 plan for "Bonny Grass" (source: National Archives)

1910 revised plan for "Bonny Grass" (source: National Archives)

Location of Bonny Grass (source: National Archives)

Ong Tiang Soon (1855-1934)
Ong Tiang Soon is the eldest son of Ong Ewe Hai. Following in his father's footsteps, he traded in rice and general produce, and was a merchant and steamship agent under the style of Soon Whatt and Soon Chiang at North Bridge Road. The firm were agents for the Sarawak and Singapore Steamship Company (steamers; Raja of Sarawak & Kuching). Rice was sent to Borneo and in return, pepper, gambier, rubber, sago flour and rattan were brought in. Ong Tiang Soon residence is "Bonny Grass", 100 River Valley Road. (see below for more information). Ong Tiang Soon passed away at his residence, No 12 Kim Yam Road on 30 October 1934 at the age of 80. The cortege left from No. 12 Kim Yam Road for the family Burial Ground at Boon Teck Road.
Ong Tiang Soon is the father of:
9 sons; Messrs. Ong Leng Hoon, Ong Hood Hin, Ong Chip Hee, Ong Beow Sim, Ong Chip Yan, Ong Chip Hong, Ong Chip Joo, Ong Joo Chin and Ong Soo Keng. 
5 daughters; Ong Yan Lin Neo, Ong Yan Gay Neo, Ong Yan Ho Neo, Ong Chim Kay Neo, Ong Yan Lip Neo
5 sons-in-laws; Tan Kwee Liang, Tan Teng Ann, Tay Teng Hup, Soh Yiew Jin, Dr. Thung Siang Swee,
9 daughters-in-law, 48 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Ong Tiang Soon
Ong Tiang Soon

Ong Tiang Soon and family
Ong Tiang Soon and his children



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